[3.5] Sustainable Deadeye Summoner || 8.3k eHP | Devouring Diadem | 1 mill+ DPS Uber Elder Deathless


Do you like the ranged DPS and summoner playstyle? Do you like being able to restore eHP without relying on potions? Do you like moving fast? Do you like being able to do all game content and all map mods? Do you like playing in parties? Do you like multiplying your MTX all over the screen? Do you like sustainability and greenery? If the answer is yes then please read on!

The Sustainable Deadeye Summoner is based around The Devouring Diadem unique helmet for high sustainability while having respectable DPS (using Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow clones) and also being able to significantly contribute to party play (with empowered DPS auras).

Credits to dariidar (3.2 Blink & Mirror Arrow Necromancer) and TheuberClips (3.2 Deadeye Summoner) for their builds in which this build was inspired by. I highly recommend reading their guides for further insight on this build.


There are many variations to the Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow (BAMA) build and I would like to share some other recent variations of the BAMA build which incorporates The Devouring Diadem. This is so that you are able to make an informed decision on which build you would like to follow and/or give you some ideas in making your own build variation.

Previlein's build (reddit):



Previlein's current PoB stats are 350k+ DPS per clone (excluding Vaal Haste and Shock), 7k HP and 750 ES. For comparison my build is 195k DPS per clone, 5.8k HP and 3.9k ES. Relative to my build, Previlein's build also provides more party friendly auras (Haste, Vaal Haste and Aspect of the Avian). Previlein's build cost is more expensive than my build and uses 2 life flasks plus self-cast desecrate for sustenance (my build auto-generates corpses). Previlein's build can also summon more clones because of the Prismatic Jewel. Please read Previlein's reddit post if you are interested.

PiX3L's build:


PiX3L's build is theorycrafted mainly off Previlein's current PoB. PiX3L's PoB stats are 265k DPS per clone, 6.4k HP and 3.1k ES. Relative to my build, PiX3L's build provides more party friendly auras (Discipline, Dread Banner and Aspect of the Avian). The build cost is likely to be in between my build and Previlein's and uses 2 life flasks plus self-cast desecrate for sustenance (my build auto-generates corpses). PiX3L's build also has faster start of ES recharge because of the skill tree and Prismatic Jewel.


Uber Elder (deathless):


I stumbled with my skills at the start of the fight to try and find my "Projectile Weakness" skill. I was silly and had left the skill gem in my stash. I settled with Vaal Grace for the fight instead which was not ideal but it did the job.

T16 Maze of the Minotaur (no regen | monsters 100% increased AOE):


For map clearing I used Summon Phantasm on Kill and GMP in my chest, and Curse on Hit and Projectile Weakness in my glove. For the guardian I used Added Lightning Damage and Faster Attacks in my chest, and Cast While Channelling and Unearth in my glove.


+ High Survivability (8.3k eHP with MoM made up of 5.8k HP, 3.9k ES and some unreserved mana | 5.7k eHP restored at 5 sec intervals | minions blind, taunt and absorb damage | 10% chance to start Energy Shield Recharge on skill use | Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by skill usage as of Patch 3.5.0!)
+ Excellent in Parties (EE -50% elemental resistances | empowered DPS auras | minions blind, taunt and absorb damage)
+ Respectable DPS (1M - 1.5M Shaper DPS | 2M - 2.8M non-Boss DPS | DPS based on 6 - 8 active clones | Depending on your positioning "Far Shot" may vary actual DPS | Clones persist DPS after summoning | Clones react and target enemies quicker than human reaction)
+ Highly Mobile
+ All Map Mods Viable
+ Excellent Uber Lab farmer
+ Uber Elder Deathless

- Not a top tier DPS build and it takes 3 seconds to reach 1 mill+ DPS (6 clones)
- Final build is not a budget build (build can work on budget gear however you will lose out on eHP and DPS | my current gear is ~10-15 exalt in Betrayal League)
- You have large AOE DPS auras but these can still be out ranged
- Build is reliant on The Devouring Diadem unique helmet (you should not go ES until you have this helmet)

-Cast Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow off cooldown
-Position yourself and/or channel Scourge Arrow (to apply EE and cast Unearth-GMP to generate corpses for The Devouring Diadem to consume) while Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow are on cooldown. Positioning yourself means staying away from danger, keeping your allies in range of auras, maximising "Far Shot" damage, and maximising scourge arrow application of Elemental Equilibrium.
-Cast Phase Run (for survival or movement), Projectile Weakness (on bosses) and Vaal Grace (for survival, especially on Syndicates) as appropriate depending on your gem setup. Projectile Weakness can be automated for general mapping as explained in the Final Gear and Gem Links section of this guide.
-Use flasks for survival or movement as appropriate.


DPS (Path of Building):

Shaper DPS (left) and non-Boss DPS (right) per clone. 1M - 1.5M Shaper DPS and 2M - 2.8M non-Boss DPS based on 6 - 8 active clones. Depending on your positioning "Far Shot" may vary actual DPS

DEFENCE (In-Game):

Flasks Off

Flasks On




Important Note: I have unassigned Elemental Equilibrium from the provided Pastebin skill tree as Path of Building does not calculate DPS correctly with this setup. The effects of Elemental Equilibrium have been balanced out by applying the appropriate +25% and -50% resistances under the "Configuration" tab.

The Skill Tree is highly flexible and you may adjust it to your preference. For example you can alternatively take the jewel and health nodes south of the large Minion Wheel nodes for more eHP and a jewel node, move towards the Written in Blood node for more eHP, target to fully maximise jewel nodes etc.

-Mind over Matter (increases eHP by 42.8% of life)
-Elemental Equilibrium (reduces enemy resistances by 50%)

Deadeye: Gathering Winds or Fast and Deadly -> Far Shot -> Endless Munitions

Ascendancy Notes:
-I recommend starting with "Gathering Winds" and leveling with Herald of Agony. "Fast and Deadly" is only needed when you switch to clones. See Leveling Skill Tree and Leveling Tips below.
-You may go for Rupture instead of Endless Munitions if you want reduced bleed damage. Endless Munitions provides Increased Area of Effect (for auras) and an Additional Projectile (for Scourge Arrow and Unearth).

Kill all.

-Major God: Soul of Solaris
-Minor God: Soul of Shakari (chaos resistance) or Soul of Ralakesh (reduced physical damage over time for Uber Elder)


Essential: Lioneye's Glare Unique
Gem Links: Mirror Arrow-Minion Damage-Elemental Focus-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Added Lightning Damage-Faster Attacks (swap Faster Attacks for Greater Multiple Projectiles for map clearing if desired)
Key Notes: Your clones use your bow | Hits can't be evaded | "Far Shot" could potentially increase DPS by 30% more | Socket off-colouring is required | May cost 5+ exalts to purchase, 6L and off-colour

Recommended: Rare ES Quiver
Key Notes: Your clones use your quiver | Projectiles Pierce an Additional Target and/or Adds an Additional Arrow, % Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, % Increased Attack Speed and HP stats | Resistances and dexterity is a big plus

Essential: The Devouring Diadem Unique
Gem Links: Wrath-Anger-Empower-Generosity
Key Notes: Helmet consumes 10 corpses every 5 seconds to restore 4000 HP, 4000 ES and 2000 Mana | Skills have a 10% chance to start energy shield recharge | Socket off-colouring is required | Dexterity veiled mod is a plus | Not expensive

Recommended: Rare ES Chest
Gem Links: Blink Arrow-Minion Damage-Elemental Focus-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Added Lightning Damage-Faster Attacks (swap Faster Attacks and Added Lightning Damage for Greater Multiple Projectiles and Summon Phantasm on Kill for map clearing if desired)
Key Notes: Maximise HP and ES/int stats | Resistances and dexterity is a big plus | Socket off-colouring is required | May cost 5+ exalts to purchase, 6L and off-colour

***Important OVERARCHING NOTE for Gloves/Boots/Amulet/Rings/Belt***: Ensure the 212 dexterity requirements and max resists (75/75/76 for fire/cold/lightning) are first met, then maximise HP and ES/int stats afterwards. Chaos resistance is a bonus (as chaos damage bypasses ES MoM)

Recommended: Rare ES Gloves
Gem Links: Scourge Arrow-Cast While Channelling Support-Greater Multiple Projectiles-Unearth
Key Notes: See overarching note above | Craft prefix mod Minions deal 20% Increased Damage | Faster Attacks Support is a plus | Socket off-colouring is required
Other Notes: As general mapping generates enough corpses, you can automate Projectile Weakness curse by substituting Cast While Channelling Support and Unearth for Curse on Hit and Projectile Weakness.

Recommended: Rare ES Boots
Gem Links: Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 1)-Immortal Call (LvL 3)-Desecrate (LvL 7)-Flesh Offering (LvL 8)
Key Notes: See overarching note above | Ensure 30%+ Movement Speed | Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed is a big plus
Other Notes: I highly recommend Kaom's Roots unique boots (which gives Unwavering Stance and HP) for the Uber Elder fight. The CWDT setup is not essential. Resistances would need to balanced out via the other rare gear pieces (I was able to achieve this).

Recommended: Rare Belt
Key Notes: See overarching note above | Armour and/or % Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed is a big plus

Recommended: Rare Amulet
Key Notes: See overarching note above

Recommended: Rare Unset Rings
Gems: Phase Run and Projectile Weakness (Vaal Grace if your glove has Projectile Weakness)
Key Notes: See overarching note above | 1 ring to have cold damage to attacks

FLASKS (Recommended)
Flask 1: Chemist's Quartz Flask of Warding
Flask 2: Chemist's Jade Flask of Heat
Flask 3: Chemist's Granite Flask of Dousing
Flask 4: Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
Flask 5: Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching
Uber Elder: Chemist's Sapphire Flask of Grounding (replace Quartz Flask)

Stat 1: 40+ to Maximum Life
Stat 2: 40+ to Maximum Energy Shield
Stat 3: Minions have a 4%+ chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks | Minions have a 4%+ chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks | 15%+ increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently | Minion have 4%+ increased Attack Speed

Note: I suggest 1 Blind Jewel, 1 Taunt Jewel and the rest Damage Jewels.




Important Note: I have unassigned Elemental Equilibrium from the provided Pastebin skill tree as Path of Building does not calculate DPS correctly with this setup. The effects of Elemental Equilibrium have been balanced out by applying the appropriate +25% and -50% resistances under the "Configuration" tab.

-Level 2: Split Arrow or any other preferred skill
-Level 12: Blade Vortex
-Level 31: 4L Herald of Agony-Minion Damage-Damage on Full Life-Pierce (Vicious Projectiles if 5L) and Blade Vortex + Increased Duration + Lesser Poison + Poison. Equip a shield for defences.
-Level 66: 4L Blink Arrow/Mirror Arrow-Minion Damage-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Greater Multiple Projectiles (Elemental Focus if 5L). Turn on Anger and Wrath auras. 4L Split Arrow-Curse On Hit-Projectile Weakness-Mirage Archer is also very useful at this stage of leveling in applying Elemental Equilibrium.

-Lioneye's Glare unique bow (will also be used end game)
-Drillneck unique quiver
-Elder helmet with Minion Damage Support (for Pseudo 5L)
-Victario's Influence unique chest (to reserve less mana and strengthen auras)
-Other gear to achieve max resists and maximise HP and mana stats without breaking the bank

Once you get The Devouring Diadem and a decent ES chest, use refund points to change from Leveling Skill Tree (mana based) to Final Skill Tree (ES based).


Q: Why not Witch Necromancer?
A: It will work however without the 100% Increased Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow cooldown reduction and Tailwind, I believe Necromancer would be a much slower (in terms of movement speed, attack speed and blink arrow mobility). Proper clone placement will be vital (as you will have less clones) and you will also have more time to "fill in" between cooldowns. If one clone dies you will lose a lot of DPS. The Necromancer will have more energy shield however it won't add to the eHP (as eHP is governed by life). The Devouring Diadem only restores up to 4000 ES which the Deadeye can achieve. I would be happy to hear feedback on the Necromancer if someone would like to try it.

Q: Is there an alternative to Cast While Channelling?
A: Yes with considerable investment you can go Cast on Critical Strike. Take the Powerful Precision and Rupture ascendancies and get Chance to Bleed Support and/or Faster Attacks Support on gloves for a Pseudo 5L/6L (Rupture increases critical strike chance on bleeding targets and gives +30 Life on Hit on bleeding targets). The gem links will be Barrage-Cast on Critical Strike-Vulnerability-Unearth/Desecrate. I don't recommend this though as it requires additional investment into the critical strike stat and it is also less reliable in generating corpses in a dire situation.

Q: How do you handle Elemental Reflect map mods?
A: In all honestly, I would suggest you avoid this map mod if possible as it will significantly slow down your clear speed. If you must, swap out Added Lightning Damage for Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance. If you really want to go all out then also swap out Wrath for Purity of Elements.

Q: You apply Elemental Equilibrium with cold damage. What if you party with someone who does cold damage?
A: You can change the cold damage on the ring to another element as appropriate e.g. if your friend is cold damage, you can change your ring to fire damage. You can also change your auras as appropriate e.g. instead of Wrath and Anger, in this case you could go for Wrath and Haste or Hatred. You can also keep a spare ring and/or spare The Devouring Diadem (with the right socket colours) in your stash that suits your regular parties.

Thank you for reading my guide and I would be happy to hear any constructive comments, suggestions and feedback. I have played Path of Exile for some time but this is the first guide I have written.

-FeFiFoFun (LvL 94 Sustainable Deadeye Cloner)
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I was considering giving something like this a try. Command of the Pit/Banner can give a ton of accuracy to minions - and Importantly Clones use both your Bow and quiver. Do they get the Voidshot from Voidfletcher in that case? They already benefit from stacking Flat Ele
Command of the Pit/Banner can give a ton of accuracy to minions - and Importantly Clones use both your Bow and quiver.

Cheers for the post Jansports, I haven't considered Command of the Pit before and yes I agree it could open up new opportunities for a bow other than Lioneye's Glare. I'll think about the potential use of this glove a bit more. I note that this build is short of sockets (hence the need for 2 unset rings) and losing 1 socket in the glove could be hard to make up.

Regarding the Banner, it could be incorporated in the build at the sacrifice of some eHP. As it stands, my current set up reserves 100% mana (so we'd need to change up the skill tree to get some reduced mana reservation nodes).

Do they get the Voidshot from Voidfletcher in that case? They already benefit from stacking Flat Ele

I just bought a Voidfletcher to test if the clones get Void Shot and can confirm that they do not. I would say this post earlier this year would double confirm that they do not.

You just lost the game. ;)
Currently have a level 70 BAMA deadeye and was looking for more defense.

I have noticed having corrupted gloves curse on hit allows your mirage archer to apply curse on hit too. combinded that with blind/taunt/dread banner and it seemed pretty good.

its just when you do get it. This is pretty interesting. But why drop the Avian chest?
I have noticed having corrupted gloves curse on hit allows your mirage archer to apply curse on hit too. combinded that with blind/taunt/dread banner and it seemed pretty good.

Interesting, I didn't realise curse on hit on gloves worked with Mirage Archer. Yes this would make map clearing a bit more automated (without the need to attack as frequently). However I note that if you use Mirage Archer, you don't have a reliable means of generating corpses for The Devouring Diadem.

Personally I would prefer the Commandment of Reflection labyrinth enchant over a corrupted gloves. I haven't got this enchant on my character yet but I have tried it in Path of Building and it would add considerable DPS (this image adds about 72k DPS).

I tested out Dread Banner with Lioneye's Glare. I do not believe it adds a great deal of benefit and it takes up a gem slot. The accuracy is not needed with this bow, minions do little physical damage (so impale isn't great), and less accuracy isn't significant when the mobs are blinded. I would be happy to hear anyone else's thoughts on this if they have tested it.

But why drop the Avian chest?

I agree with you that the Avian chest is an option if the tree is changed up to take some Reduced Mana Reserved nodes. The chest would increase DPS and solve attribute issues. The trade off is lower HP and ES, resists that would need to be made up on other equipment and the need for Aspect of the Avian to be crafted on a piece of armour (1 less suffix).

According to TheuberClips, the Avian chest grants 40% chance to deal double damage every 4 seconds (cycling through 8 seconds). This is effectively 20% more dps every 8 second cycle. I have done some maths using the PoB in this guide. The comparison below assumes you have a max stat Avian chest, are able to make the most of the double damage opportunity, are able to balance out resists on other gear and can craft Aspect of the Avian onto a piece of gear with no losses.

This Guide
HP: 6207
ES: 4283
eHP: 8867
Mana: 0
Boss DPS/clone: 125.8k

Maxed Avian Chest + Tree Change for Reduced Mana Reserved
HP: 5616 (-10%)
ES: 3032 (-30%)
eHP: 8023 (-10%)
Mana: 35
Boss DPS/clone 169.8k: (+35%)

Essentially you lose 10% eHP, lose 30% ES "reserve" (not contributing to eHP in the form of 1 shots but ES will become active when you use hp pots) and gain 35% DPS.

This setup can be attractive to someone who wants more DPS. This set up has more chance to run out of ES such as to render your character unable to use any skills (until The Devouring Diadem activates to restore your ES). Thank you for the comment, I will mention it in the guide, happy to discuss further if desired. If you go down this path I would be interested to see how you go on boss fights.
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I think you are grabbing to much ES. If you have 30% MoM, at 6K life you only need 1800. 40% is 2400 ( which I am aiming for.)

I am currently 77, here is a paste bin of my Char when I get to 95. https://pastebin.com/ivsbtt7f (same gear I am wearing now.)


I plan on replacing the gloves, (crafting avian and hopefully minimum endurance charge on ammy). Also replacing the two stone ring with another unset to get a level 1 clarity to get another 10% MoM.

Also have positive 6% chaos res, plan on trying to get more on new ring.

Also, I believe Farshot on ascendency is a waste as we already have it on our bow.

I also have an Animated Guardian for extra DPS, Also have him equipped with Victarios Shield (for frenzies during boss fights) and Singularity for Hinder Aura (I wanted the wand that has blind aura but they cant be ranged.)

by 95 I should end up with 6.3k life and 2.4k ES

Also on my tree I grabbed the Faster start to ES recharge and a lot of flat ES, (only source on tree for those)

Also blind on quiver saves a jewel mod.

Mirage archer is also good for applying EE.

I will say my build doesn't generate corpses like yours. But I don't want to rely on that 5 seconds, I wanted it to be supplementary not the focus.

I have added you in-game aswell.
You have gone for more DPS and that's fine. I can see many variations to this build and people can play a modified version as they wish.

Your calculation for MoM is a little off. For 6k life you need 6k x 30/70 = 2571 ES (not 1800). If you have 40% MoM then for 6k life you need 6k x 40/60 = 4000 ES.

I think your setup is better for speed mapping both in terms of DPS and movespeed, and I think my setup will be better for boss killing and surviving, in specific, Uber Elder, because of the corpse generation.

Sustain is required only for boss fights like Uber Elder. You need the corpse generation in bosses otherwise you may find it difficult to stay alive. General mapping creates enough corpses such that you don't need additional corpse generation. I understand you have gone for faster ES recharge to help with ES in boss fights. What you may want to consider is how you are planning to heal up your HP without corpses in the Uber Elder fight. You could possibly bring in 3 life pots and take the Soul of Ryslatha pantheon.

I suggest to have some ES reserve such that you don't get hit to 0 ES. If u get hit to 0 ES (maybe because you have been hit + you used a pot + then hit again), then you won't be able to use any skills, such as blink arrow defensively to get away safely. You can only 'walk' away which can be deadly. I acknowledge that 4.3k ES is probably overkill. Since writing up the guide I have actually changed my tree to increase DPS and lower ES (to approximately 3.8k). Note that having ES reserve means I can get hit hard, use some pots, and still take some more punishment using up the rest of the ES reserve if necessary.

Animated Guardian will die in Uber Elder. As mentioned before I think your setup is better for speed mapping.

The Far Shot ascendancy is wasted yes, but because I use scourge arrow which has 100% chance to pierce, I don't need the ascendancy which gives pierce. The +50% AOE and +1 projectile ascendancy is better with my setup. I assume you have decent experience with Uber Elder so you know you need to keep moving, and in doing so you can out range your clones from your auras. This is where the +50% AOE is very helpful. For your split arrow setup, pierce is better. For reliable corpse generation, you need the scourge arrow + cast while channeling setup, which is boss focused.

For the Uber Elder fight I used Kaom's Roots. If you intend to do the same, then you will notice that your ES will drop further for this fight. You will also lose your CWDT set up so your desecrate won't activate for corpses. Something to consider if you plan to do Uber Elder (otherwise you can fully focus on speed mapping/party play). You will notice I have phase run in my setup, this is important for moving out of Uber Elder 1 shot mechanics. It is also good for delving.

After you mentioned Aspect of the Avian, I decided to buy a few pieces and test it out. I have only bought minimal pieces to test the setup so it hasn't been optimised. See my PoB below for the current set up with your suggested Aspect of the Avian. I've tried it in a few T16's and I think it's a good variant of the guide I've written. The aspect will certainly make party members happy. I will try Uber Elder with it in the near future and let you know what I think, though I will be using scourge arrow-cast while channelling as opposed to split arrow-mirage archer.

My Aspect of Avian Trial

Ty for the discussion, build variation and feedback. I've also added you in-game.
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Sorry if my tone came off as "my version is better" was not my intention, just not to many of us playing this build and didnt want to make another thread just like yours, Thank for the feedback too. Every since playing this build alongside uberelite in the past I've wanted to push this to the limit.

I will probably stick with just the 30% MoM then, then put phase run in the new ring instead.

I can definitely see scourage arrow being better for bossing. But with how fast our cooldown is I don't like to stop summoning clones, and mirage fits my style for that better.

I will definitely tinker with both setups come boss time. (And record it)

Animate guardian at 21+3 and good items, once my tree is done should have almost 20k life and a shit ton of regen. I've never taken one of them in Uber before. But have seen had them tank normal shaper/elder. So I'll put him to the test down the road lol.

Also with 28/20 auras and my range feels pretty good,

Also I had some extra Mana so dread banner costing me only like 6% Mana, being a mini-enfeeble -20 accuracy + through blind is nice. Also the chance to impale for clones, granted we scale ele, lioneyes does some damage and free dps never hurts.

I can also drop the banner giving me strong fortify.
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