[3.5] Occultist Cold DoT | EB + MoM | League Starter | Safe | Budget

Hello, I'm Woody and this is my first build guide for my character created in Betrayal League v3.5. This build is cheap to start and required almost no specific unique other than the helmet. The character is surprisingly strong in its current state. It is also safe and tanky with over 8k eHP (with MoM) with slow, chill and less damage taken. I have killed Uber Elder with this build (not deathless because I am bad) and reach 36 challenges on the league. I found most of the gear from drop, occasionally buying some cheap equipment.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy.

Pro's and Con's



+ Cheap to start
+ Good and fast map clear
+ Safe (8k+ eHP, Temporal Chain, Chill, Enfeeble)
+ Immune to Freeze, Ignite and Shock
+ Able to do most map mod without issue including no regen
+ Scale well with currency investment
+ 75% all resists (thanks to Veiled Mods)
+ Good Damage (1M+ Burst Shaper DPS)


- Can't do elemental reflect map
- Porcupines are annoying.


Current Gear

My gear is no where near insane level yet! With some investment you can probably push the build to a even higher end.


This section will give a detail breakdown of the gear.

Chest Piece

Best in slot will be Carcass Jack since it gives us tons of AoE and damage, even with some decent life and extra resists! If you can't afford a 6-Link Carcass Jack, Tabula Rasa will work just well.


We use The Devouring Diadem to save us points from pathing to Eldritch Battery. This helmet give us ability to reserve more aura and curse, thanks to 20% reduced mana reservation for socketed gems.

This helmet also trigger Feast of Flesh every 5 seconds, allow us to gain 400 Life and 400 ES every 5 seconds per corpse, up to 10 corpses for a total of 4000 Life and 4000 ES! This allow us to run no regen map without any issue.

You can use any other rare helmet if you can't get The Devouring Diadem. Just path to Eldritch Battery if you do not have The Devouring Diadem. Heretic's Veil is a good alternative.


We use Malachai's Artifice to trigger Elemental Equilibrium using Lightning Golem or Storm Brand.

You can use any rare ring for another slot.

Extra: If you can get a Elder Malachai's Artifice, you can consider using Mark of the Shaper.

Glove, Boot, Amulet, Shield

Nothing special here, just get more life on the item and cap your resists as usual. My amulet is the result from Syndicate Crafting, but no where near perfect yet.


Cyclopean Coil is our go to belt here, since it give us up to 120 maximum life, immunity to ignite and shock, and some extra damage based on your minimum attribute.


You can get a decent sceptre with an open suffix to craft Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill. We will use the trigger to generate corpse for our helmet!


Forbidden Taste is a good instant full health button if you can cap Chaos Resist.

Skill Gems


Weapon: Frost Bomb + Spell Cascade + Desecrate

Chest: Vaal Cold Snap + Elemental Focus + Controller Destruction + Efficacy + Swift Affliction + Hypothermia

4-Link Vortex: Vortex + Efficacy + Bonechill + Controlled Destruction

Malachai's Artifice: Storm Brand or Lightning Golem

Movement Skill: Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Culling Strike (optional)

Other Skills: Vaal Righteous Fire

Useful Skill: War Banner, Dread Banner

Curse: Temporal Chain + Blasphemy + Enfeeble

Aura: Discipline / Vaal Discipline

Optional: Phase Run + lv1 Cast when Damage Taken + lv3 Immortal Call + Increased Duration

Passive Tree



1. Profane Bloom
2. Void Beacon
3. Frigid Wake
4. Malediction



Kill all.



Major God: Soul of Brine King / Soul of Lunaris
Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul



T13 Racecourse

More in the future.



1. Arcane Surge will not work with Eldritch Battery since we spend ES instead of Mana. This is why we do not link Flame Dash to Arcane Surge.

2. Bonechill effect from different source do not seem to stack together. So having one Bonechill in one of the skill link should be sufficient.

3. DoT from Vaal Cold Snap, Cold Snap and Vortex can stack together, so use them for quick burst if you can.

4. Avoid getting added cold damage to spell on your item if you are using Storm Brand to trigger Elemental Equilibrium. Added cold damage to spell will not be an issue if you use Lightning Golem in Malachai's Artifice.



Unbuffed Cold Snap DPS

Path of Building

If you have any question or feedback about the build, you can leave a message below.
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Nice build - I'm leveling my new witch now.

Do you have any suggestions on which direction to go on the passive tree as for priorities?

superbomb1967 wrote:
Nice build - I'm leveling my new witch now.

Do you have any suggestions on which direction to go on the passive tree as for priorities?


I would suggest to grab more life nodes for some better survivability first, then more damage. For me, I started by pathing to templar area for AOE and Elemental Overload and scion area for more life, then I would path to shadow area for more life. You can always prioritize some cold damage over time multiplier node for damage to clear faster. With the ability to chill and temporal chain slow enemy, I don't think you can die with not too much life node invested.

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