[3.5] Self cast Ice Nova Inquisitor just a demo

Vedio and PoB



Pit of Chimera



2.9M shaper DPS without flask ATM


Core item, for triggering frostbolt, ~350 self damage per cast, too lazy to get 500 armour

Power Chrage and consecrated ground generation

Body Armour

High es and permanent frenzy charge are nice

Swap crit chance for this↓ while doing boss


2% crit chance is huge and we can easily sustain 400 mana per second


Free up a socket and also have ok es and ms



Bonechill provides approx 13% more damage


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Last bumped on Mar 23, 2019, 7:40:43 PM
Watched the videos and maybe I just missed it but are you fast casting incinerate then swapping to ice nova? I don't feel like I ever see you cast incinerate. Looks like an interesting build though, and pretty safe to boot. I may give it a go.
Tinkered with this build with a scion and I was super squishy. I think with ES changes this build will be really good but Im not sure how much damage got nerfed from Ice Nova.
What order do I get from the ascents?

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