[3.5] Totally off-meta | Shrapnel Void | EZ all content feat. Voidfletcher and Arborix | MF viable

Hi Exiles,
It's Damianek30000 here. After playing since Anarchy league, this is finally my first build guide ever.

The build relies on stacking defensive layers to survive all the stuff Betrayal league is throwing at us. We win the game with a great dps due to hipster items: Arborix bow and Voidfletcher quiver. On top of that we gonna use Shrapnel Shot to be even more off-meta.

Fast Mino run

Uber elder screen - will upload some more endgame gameplay soon



+ Great clear speed and single target damage
+ Tanky due to defensive layers
+ Can clear whole content without any problems
+ A lot of quality of life (phasing, cannot be stunned, Farrul version -
perma frenzy and power charges, slayer overleech, movement speed boost
every 8 seconds, culling strike)
+ Beutiful explosions from voidfletcher
+ Only one 6l setup needed / no gem & weapon swap required


- Cannot run ele reflect and no leech map mods
- Rather expensive if you want to have a lot of QoL stuff
- Floating buffs from Farrul and Arborix can feel quite random

DISCLAIMER: Before you write stuff like: yea another 25 ex body armour build, nice 10+ ex jewels. To enable the build you only need the Bow,quiver,Dying Sun and treshold Jewels. Other gearing options can be found below !


Scion - slayer / jugg
-slayer for overleech + jugg for accu and stun immunity

Why scion ?
I wanted to utilize Unnatural + Meeks combo + the flexibility of 2 ascendancies.

Alternative version : get some accuracy on gear and change jugg to deadeye /elementalist / pathfinder for different perks.


Ascendancy Points: Slayer - > Path of Duelist - > Jugg

Bandits: 2 points
Panth: Arakaali + Garukhan

Sample tree:


3. Jewels Explanation

Middle of the tree- self explanatory - unnatural + 2 meeks give huge amount of multi , attack speed, movement speed and many more. On top of that whole scion Life Wheel give us 72 % increased maximum life.

We get a Point Blank for huge single target dps boost at close distance ( in my pob i have PB corruption on quiver to save 2 skill points. Ideally you should get +1 arrow Voidfletcher and manually take Point Blank from Tree).

We gonna use Lioneye's Fall Jewel to change Claw nodes to bow nodes to get crit/multi + Decend Leech.

Two Collateral Damage Jewels are required to boost our Shrapnel Shot Damage.

Optional : Wrath penetration Watcher's Eye as Shrapnel Shot is fully converted to lightning.

4. DPS

I am not 100% sure how to calculate the dps on this character as Shrapnel Shot is doing projectile + explosion cone + Voidfletcher carries our damage with arrow stacking. With decent gear you can phase shaper within one beam which is pretty nice. Check video above to see an actual dps in action.

I assume that it should be around 1,5-2,5 mln at the moment. <correct me if I am wrong>

Why Shrapnel shot and how do we stack the dmg ?
Shrapnel shot is a fun skill which is great for both aoe clear and single target. With 2 treshold jewels, we double it's aoe cone damage. With Arborix 2 additional arrows, we do not need the GMP in our 6link setup, which brings our dps up by a lot. As we only deal lightning damage with it, we add lightning penetration gem + jewels and in the free jewel slots we stack lightning flat damage jewels.

Our big dps addition is Voidfletcher Quiver, normally very bad quiver, however it recently got buffed:

Now grants a Void Charge every 500ms (instead of 1 Second) and the cooldown on the Void Shot has been reduced from 500ms to 250ms.
Void Shot now travels and explodes 50% faster and deals 100% more Area Damage (up from 50%) and has an added damage effectiveness of 120% (up from 100%).


This quiver stacks heavily with additional arrows that is why Arborix bow is the one we use.


To survive in betrayal league we stack defensive layers;
1) Slayer overleech -MVP mechanics that carries us on all degen/bleed/delve darkness situations and many more
2) Acro and Phase acro - Chance to dodge attacks and spells
3) Farrul's Bite Blind ( Blind is a debuff that lessens the chance to hit of the affected target by 50% and lowers the light radius to the minimum value)
4 Cat's Stealth makes the character harder for monsters to see (in the same way as Phase Run does), gives a chance to avoid all damage from hits.
5) Cast when damage taken immortal call and Enfeeble
6) Ascendant - jugg - endurance charges gain
7) Arborix - Iron reflexes every 8 seconds, which converts our evasion to armor and stacked with endu charges and Taste of Hate gives us great phys migitation
8) Soul of Arakaali - after proccing an immortal call, our blood rage effects stops doing over time damage and our life regen and leeech is increased
by 50 %.
9) Taste of Hate flask to survive big phys and cold hits
10) 6k hp


The gear I am using might be quite expensive, here you can see also alternative versions

1) Farrul's Bite
Gives us aspect of the cat. a blind which is superior and some addition dps.
2)Alternatively use starkonja or Rare helmet with -lightning resistances

Enchants: gain phys dmg as light or incrased Shrapnel Shot damage are both fine.

Body Armor:
1) Farrul's Fur - qol with charges, aspect is huge dps increase - expensive
2) Loreweave with 80 rez- gives an additional dps and more tankyness.
3) Belly of the Beast or Kaom's Heart ( get 6linked bow in that case)
4) Very high evasion and life rare chest

1) Rare with life, wed, rez

1) Arborix - decent dps bow, 2 additional projectiles boost our clear speed of shrapnel shot and skyrokets Voidfletcher damage. Every 8 seconds we receive a different buff : either 30 % more damage at close range or attack and movement speed boost.
2) Death's Opus - alternative version, also adds to projectiles and not of crit multi however Arborix is superior for this build

Voidfletcher quiver
As explained before Void Bolt stacks with multiple projectiles which is insane combo with Arborix. Preferably +1 arrow corruption for even more GG dps.

WED, flat light, flat phys as we are also converting dmg, inc. lighr dmg, from offensive stats. From Defensive ones: Life and rez (some int is also required)

Crit Multi / Crit Chance, Flat dmg / WED / gain phys dmg as X / life / rez / int if needed.

1) Tombfist - Intimidated is still superior+ 2 sockets give huge dps and life boost. ( expensive this league)
2) Nicely rolled rare gloves with attack speed, projectile damage life and rez.

1) Bubonic Trail - Huge damage from jewels and HP
2) Rare boots with 30% ms , 80+ life roll and rez

1) Bubbling Divine Life flask of Stauching ( instant heal + anti- bleed)
2) Dying Sun (additional proj and aoe)
3) Quicksilver flask with an additonal movement speed rolled
4) Taste of hate for phys reduction to not get oneshotted by phys/cold dmg +
nice dps boost ( alternatively Basalt flask/ Jade flask for eva )
5) Diamond Flask - BIS for all crit based builds -> anti freeze roll



Shrapnel Shot for both clear and single target, supported by :
-Elemental Damage with Attack Support
-Mirage Archer
-Damage on Full life ( we are scion slayer ofc)
-Physical to Lightning
-6th link - Lightning Penetration

I have checked all other setups and this one seems to be most reliable.
You can always try conc effect for huge cone buff, ele focus for more ele dmg
or try adding Added Lightning.

Other gems:

Wrath - lightning damage + watcher eye's enabler
Herald of Ice + curse on hit + enfeeble


Blink Arrow + faster attacks

Cast when damage taken + immortal call ( you can add increased duration if you have gem slot)

blood rage / portal / Vaal haste / Ice golem


In this build you really need:
-2 Treshold Jewels
-Dying Sun

This should be around 2-3 ex currently. In the featured above build i use Expensive Jewels ( Unnatural + Meek) , alernatively you can either just get a meek around Life Wheel Node and stack some more dps nodes somewhere else.

Instead of Farrul Setup, you can go for any other items mentioned above or you can try also going for Shroud of the Lightness + Hale Negator/Lightpoacher (more jewels to stack)

Also, as for a full budget version you may just go ranger-> deadeye instead scion. + 1 projectile and tailwind is a huge dps increase, which should make up lack of Farrul and Scion Jewels.

Budget Deadeye tree to be posted Soon.
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I'm following this build, would love to see an uber elder video. What level did you kill him at? Was it deathless?
Killed him three times with this build so far. Twice deathless and once with 1 death - my sloppy play. Gonna record and post the run soon.

I was lv 90 or 91 when i did it first time with this build. It was fairly easy- dps is more than enough to phase shaper and elder quickly. Overleech carries with degen pools.
Looks amazing, nice build OP.
- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
Looks like a lot of fun. Started a scion to test this out, can always make an EH character out of it if I can't find enough currency to get the good stuff. I am not sure how much the Void Shot is actually doing for you, seeing as they seem to be some kind of delayed explosion. Perhaps it's mainly for bosses?
Is there any other skills that would be good instead of shrapnel shot ? Or is shrapnel the perfect fit ? :)
You can play any other skill if you want. I just wanted to see if it is viable and it passed the test. In addition, Shrapnel Shot fits the theme with it's own explosion + void explosion from the quiver.

+ for shrapnel that you can use it for both single target and aoe,it does nit reqire GMP so you can use 1 more gem in that slot.
- it reserves 2 treshold jewels.

If you really want to go meta : take iceshot or tornado shot for aoe clear and barrage for single target with +1 enchant.
Also if you go cold path with iceshot, you can swap for hypothermia, cold pen etc.

You can also try going lightning arrow and barrage single target. But then you would require 2 6-link setups.

When it comes to the Void Shot, yes it has a delay and it mostly shines for single target, but quite often it finishes rare monsters you have not 1 shotted.

I will update the guide soon-> changed jugg to deadeye and i am really happy with results. More single target from the quiver , better clear with +1 proj , better visual effects=more explosions. We lost stun immunity and endu charges. But so far it works really good.
Awesome guide! I actually have been doing something really similar with Farrul's setup. Currently messing around with stacking frenzy charges with Hopeshredder, but the Arborix version felt stronger due to the 2 extra projectiles. I'll probably end up switching back to that but we'll see.

I've tried ice shot, TS, shrapnel, lightning arrow, scourge arrow, rain of arrows etc in various forms over the last few days. I'll check back once I've figured out what feels best and has optimal damage and survivability.
Ok after playing around more with a few different bows, am I doing something wrong or is Death's Opus actually higher DPS than Arborix? It is in POB at least, but my POB may not be set up to accurately calculate the cycling buffs of Arborix.

The highest DPS i've been able to get is with my Hopeshredder setup, slightly higher than Death's Opus, doesn't focus as much on the Void Shots since I lose 2 projectiles. Hard to determine if my overall dps with the extra void shots would be higher because I'd have to make an assumption on how many void shots I can reliably overlap on a single target (heavily dependent on the target's size and distance from the target)
Always wanted to use shrapnel shot in a viable build, will give this a go if i manage to make enough currency.

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