[3.5] ice nova elementalist buid

Hi there guys,

New to this game (played early launch 3 or so years ago)....

Im in betrayal league trying to get an ice nova up and running though survivability is a bit of an issue

This is my end game build:

And armour im using with rings and amu (havent really finished the gem sockets atm)

Gems are currently messed up cos I keep switching them over to find a better balance.

MY IDEA is to have:
a) herald of ice + cold penetration
b) to run fire + lightning golum + minion life
c) Ice nova in gloves for free "faster casting" + spell echo + increased crits + concentrated effect support.
d) glacial cascade + spell echo + elemnt. focus + cold penetration for bosses
e) any way to futher boost "Discipline"?
f) cast when damage support worth fitting in this build?

I also go double divinarius dagger for extra DPS though im needing the ES from shield atm to do the tier 8-9.

Should i switch things around and get Chaos Innoculation or is it overrated and can cover with improving chaos resists slightly?

Also, 200% ES is more than enough or?

Sorry for all the questions just having probs finding the right balance atm

Thanks for all the feedback for this new player!
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