[3.5] Triple herald Jugg Discharger

Hello friends. first of all an apology for any misspelling since I do not write very well in English.

You can find this same guide in Spanish Here.

VIDEO RUNNING CHANNELS (dont remember what tier) HERE.

PASTEBIN (my actual char):

I planned this build for the Delve league, but yesterday run some maps for testing the buff for Mjölner and what a surprise, works awesome.

Well, the main items is Mjölner.

and "the combo" for this build are:

Romira's banquet plus resolute technique give us power charges on hit.
the golden rule plus red trail give us frenzy charges on hit.
and Voll's devotion (plus ascendancy) fill the endurance charges. (our main source of damage)

We need a bleed source
For attacking i use:
faster attacks
blood magic
chance to bleed

you can modify this adding a curse on hit for example.

we need stats in jewells (or better gear lol)
My jewels:

Current gear (some pieces are very bad)

Repentance are VERY good for damage. is like a 4L mjölner.
devoto's is the very best helmet for clearing.

you can also see my links in the gear (ignore the low lvl gems, i was rerolling when i have to leave delve). There is some slots free, add what you want.

the tripple herald add a very good damage for discharge for the multiplier. and the herald of ash for the tons of endurances (a lot of fire damage).

maybe i can rebuild this for betrayal, but can't record more videos, need a new pc.

Lunars and Ralakesh for physical and bleed mitigation.
kill all

If i forgot something i will edit tomorrow.
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