[3.5] Noodle's Tri-Curse CI Cold DoT Vortex / Vaal Cold-Snap Occultist [Budget Bosser]

Hi Wraeclast! Noodle here. With the new Vortex and Occultist's Cold DoT nodes, I had to make a build for it. Plus, by going CI we can bully It That Fled wherever you want to get those sweet breach rewards. Feel free to ask me questions about this or any other build live on Twitch.

Occultist cursing has always been a powerful build. With the new brands, cursing has never been easier. You can cast multiple brands to "curse on hit" entire screens and then explode your enemies with a devastating, satisfying shatter with either cold snap or vortex.

Since bonechill support doesn't work with vortex, cold snap is the perfect compliment for our vortex main skill. Easily clear packs with one cold snap, and melt bosses with a vortex + vaal cold snap combo. Watching syndicate members go down in seconds is so very satisfying.

We curse with Temp Chains - Despair (from flask) - and either Frostbite (currently using) or Enfeeble (if you need more defenses)

Gameplay is easy. Clearing is just storm brand + cold snap through packs. Bossing is storm brand + vortex + vaal/cold snap. CwDT Frost Bomb gives us extra juicy - cold resist and - life regen as well.

Pros and Cons
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+ Awesome single target DPS
+ CI protects from spooky Syndicate members
+ Shatter ASMR
+ Cheap to get started (less than 1ex)

- Some start and stop
- Scaling ES can get expensive

Coming Soon

Path of Building
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My Current Character
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Leveling Trees
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I recommend leveling as a life build all the way until maps, so the leveling trees reflect that. I also recommend using arc or any other skill until about Act 4, when you can switch to a 4 link vortex and vaal cold snap. The 4 links for vortex would be Vortex - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy. I don't recommend Conc Effect until you can use Carcass Jack.

Level 23

Level 54

Level 69 Here is when you may be able to safely switch to CI

Level 93

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1. Void Beacon
2. Profane Bloom
3. Malediction
4. Frigid Wake

Defensive NOTE: A defensive version will only be able to use 2 curses. I would recommend Temp Chains + Frostbite, and replace the Witchfire Brew flask with another defensive flask.

1. Void Beacon
2. Frigid Wake
3. Wicked Ward
4. Vile Bastion

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Kill All

Major: Soul of Brine King (stun recovery)
Minor: Soul of Tukohama (phys damage reduction)

My Current Gear

Gem Links
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Vortex - Efficacy - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Hypothermia - Swift Affliction

Vaal Cold Snap - Bone Chill - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction OR Efficacy

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Frost Bomb - Increased Duration

Storm Brand - Curse on Hit - Temporal Chains - Frostbite OR Enfeeble

Herald of Ice

Vaal Discipline


Decoy Totem

Flame Dash - Faster Casting
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Using this for leveling and building out my third character this season. My first was an ed/cont. trickster and felt like I maxed it out as far as single target damage could go. I love DOT and so far I love this build. Spreading curses via storm brand feels really good. Thanks for the right up, definitely enjoying it so far.

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