[3.5] Storm Brand Trickster - Shimmeron / Void Battery. 1.2M+ Shaper DPS


Hello all. This is my first guide so please don't hesitate to post or PM me in game if you feel that something is missing or is unclear. Additionally I'm not a native English speaker, so please try to tolerate possible spelling mistakes here and there. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Additionally this guide is a work in progress - I will be adding more budget options and leveling tips. I will be adding also videos as soon as I can record them.

Why Trickster?

When rolling the character, I was initially considering either Inquisitor or Elementalist. However, as I wanted to make a crit tree, it was difficult to incorporate sufficient defenses with needed critical nodes. As I kept trying different combinations, I discovered Trickster. The damage is almost as high as with other ascendancy options while granting access to nodes which will greatly synergise with MoM and granting access to very nice life / mana recovery trough patient reaper. Now as the build is almost finalized, I can say that the trickster is for sure the right option. I very very rarely die even on very rippy map mods, and this is the first build with what I have managed to do several of the endgame bosses deathless (I know, I suck)

Pros & Cons

+Fast, efficient map clear. With high enough monster density, you can blow several screens in single click
+Very defensive play style possible. As brand recall is instant, you can basically concentrate on manually dodging everything while still maintaining solid damage output
+Good defenses. On maps, you will have usually 3 endurance charges, 6k+ EHP and almost instant life recovery.
+Huge cast speed bonuses from Trickster ascendancy will make lightning warp feel really good - almost similar as old Diablo II teleport
+Good single target. While requiring some investment, solid damage output to single target combined with defensive play style makes the build very competent at running guardians, shaper and similar bosses deathless.

-Wander build without movement speed. This practically means that your movement is limited to flame dash or lightning warp.
-Life regen is not instant so it is still possibly to die to huge single hits. For example, some of the T15 betrayal encounters can instagib you if you stay in place and don't dodge the slams
-Leveling can be painful due to lacking single target before you get to the "runebinder" node.
-Expensive. I will be adding budget options (based on dual wielding shimmerons), but means different and less efficient tree pathing due to high amount of required life regen
-Cannot do elemental reflects maps


POB doesn't take into account the helmet mod "nearby enemies have -X to lighnting resistance", so the actual damage is a bit higher. Note that POB calculates the damage per brand - you can have 2 active at the same time. I'm also missing the helmet enchant. That should increase the damage quite a bit.
-1.21M Shaper DPS (potions active, no vaal RF)
-1.68M Shaper DPS (potions active, vaal RF active)

Skill Tree

LVL92 Finalized skill tree
POB: https://pastebin.com/dwnbPXvR

LVL34 Leveling skill tree
POB: https://pastebin.com/DcG7G0Gs

LVL66 Leveling skill tree - before wielding Shimmeron / VB
POB: https://pastebin.com/ghJ0gdpr

Gem Links

Gems are mentioned in order of importance. If you have 5L, just omit the last gem.

Mapping setup - you can use this up to T15 bosses, no need to switch gems before Shaper, Guardian or Elder

Storm Brand - Controlled destruction - Lightning Penetration - Power Charge on Critical - Added Lightning Damage - Faster Casting

Single Target Setup
Storm Brand - Controlled destruction - Lightning Penetration - Power Charge on Critical - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect

Brand Recall Setup
Brand Recall - Empower - Arcane Surge

Lightning Warp Setup
Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster Casting - Swift affliction

Herald Of Thunder Setup
Herald Of Thunder - Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark - Onslaught

Summon Stone Golem - Vaal Righteous Fire


Shimmeron and void battery work well together. We don't have to deal with double degen from two shimmerons, but we also get the benefit of additional power charge and increased spell damage from void battery. Double shimmerons can be used for budget version with different tree.

Loreweave is no brainer for shimmeron builds. It helps with the degen, while also providing nice additional defensive benefits trough increased maximum resistances.We also benefit from almost every stat it has to offer.

While not strictly needed, Mark Of the Shaper + Elder ring will provide you with nice additional damage boost. Other good option would be metallic fossil crafted opal rings.

Rare helmet. Similar helmet tot his can be asily crafted by using metallic + pristine fossil combination on a preferred base.

Rare gloves to give resistances, life, mana and missing stats. Cast speed is an additional luxury stat and by no means required.

Amulet should be rare, filling resistances, life and mana. Lightning damage + crit multi are luxury stats and not required. Marble amulet base is preferred to further negate the degen from Shimmeron.

Rare belt - preferably stygian vise. The belt itself should provide resists and life. We need to add fire damage to activate the "patient reaper's" life recovery rate buff. We do this by adding a tiny bit of fire damage to somewhere. I'm using a abyssal jewel on belt

Rare boots. Should provide missing stats, resists and life + mana.

Potion setup. Switch Aziri's Promise to mana pot in no regen maps. Note that particularly diamond flask is a huge DPS boosts and should not be omitted.

More coming soon as I can get my potato to not to lag too much while recording

T15 Shaped Belfry + Abyssal Lord and red beasts. Enfeeble. More Monster Life and NoRegen. https://youtu.be/7mp-9yTnJtA

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Was doing storm-call before and getting ass handed to me having only 3k health. Switched over to this very similar tree and built brands. Way more defensive mechanics with almost same power. Cheers mate
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Was searching for a build to recycle my 87 shadow on standard. Great build, good HP, lots and lots of DPS even without a Void Battery. Haven't tried Shaper yet but I think it will do ok. Thanks for the build!

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