[3.5] Nuby Winterorb Templar Theorecraft Build - No more deaths Boi

Hey guys i have news for ya ! i wanted to share with you guys my special build on construction not finished so all of your opinions and ideas for improve this build is wanted!

Why winterorb with templar when there is WİTCH BROKEN ELEMENTALİST?

because this game fun to play when you can make your own build and success with it :) besides i hate dying. immortals bosses one shot kill you fffff i hate this bullshit.
why no totems you askin? winterorb with totems not cool bro.(im bored clickin totem and wait years of it to starts shootin.)
you are blessed by the GOD! TEMPLAR BOİ! ( no not rly because hierophant nodes)

im having so much fun playing this build
No more deaths facetank everyshit in the game (maybe chaos damage hurts but you can figure it out i belive in you)
So fast map clear speed
Fast Delve
faster then lighting arc map clear no more wait totems just winterorb and RUN
Run babe run and watch they die before you
i said no more deaths ?
HARDCORE POSSİBLE due to tankiness
ARCANE SURGE NO MORE elemental ailments thx hiero node.BURN FREEZE you have no power here!

not beginner friendly at all i think this build is expensive guys.
maybe just a little bit lack of dps on boss fights.
need dex on gear at least +80ish or you can lower your dex skill gems
my gear is not for this build so yeah i belive in you guys can do better.


before of that i got some ideas on my mind.
INPULSA great for map clear
Loreweave Great for DPS damage output.
Shavrone ? maybe for ic lovers.

Enligten lvl4 Empower lvl4 Combo with heralds reduce big mana reserve.

here is my gear and links its SUCK tho cause i was playin arc totem and tryin to switch everything to cold&area dmg

oh hey almost forget to link this gameplay! my first face elder guardian

thanks for reading and all ideas are wellcome!

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