[3.5] Red Covenant SRS leveling guide! Works with all builds and classes!

Welcome to my first small leveling guide! I'm just in love with the new unique called Mark of the Red Covenant so decided to make a nice leveling guide for it! This works for EVERY class or build! I'm currently leveling my 3rd char with it, it's a duelist which will be hybrid ES / Life later on and I'm going so fast!

Shopping List:

Start by buying these items, they are all very cheap! ( +- 1 chaos each right now on HC )

Queen's Escape at level 38!

Violent Dead only if you have a supporting jewel socket!

Tip: Search for 4 links or 4 sockets if you have the new 4 link recipe in menagerie!

1 -> 12
Lifesprig / Abberath's Horn with Frostbolt - Arcane Surge - Summon Phantasm. This oneshots all white enemies.

12 -> 26
Storm Brand / Arc setup


Summon Raging Spirit
Summon Phantasm on Kill Support
Melee Splash
Minion Damage
( Added Fire Damage )
( Minion Speed )

Raise Zombie
Minion Damage
Multistrike - Minion Life until level 31
Added Fire Damage

In Bloodbond body armour:
Phase Run
Increased Area of Effect
Increased Duration
Flesh Offering

Holy Relic
Faster Attacks


Passive Tree:

Follow your own build! Get minion nodes / increased duration nodes if you can and refund them later.
Constitution ( Life nodes at scion ) Builds and Scions won't have a problem taking these. And 45% increased duration is enough, don't need the other cluster!


This thing is just awesome! Your minions will no longer die and also get bonus damage!

Casting Blood Offering makes you take 20% damage in return healing your minions every second depending on how much damage you took ( 35% of that damage per second ) and also gives your minions 50% increased damage! It does a few more things but those aren't important. Now you are officially a minion medic!

More coming soon! ( level 1 -> 26 and more unique items! ) Have fun leveling!
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I will try this now thanks for posting this!
Got a question tho.
Where do you link: 'Summon Raging Spirit
Summon Phantasm on Kill Support
Melee Splash
Minion Damage
( Added Fire Damage )
( Minion Speed )

Is it a 6l?
Just found this new unique.
Pretty neat for leveling any class, since spells scale as you lvl up gems, so you don't need to care about upgrading your weapon at all.
Looks like best in slot for leveling a Witch imo.

Hoping to chance one early next league.

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