3.5 Fresh [Flex build, Low Budget] 5Link 1Mil DPS. CI, Varunastra Crit (Melee Skill of YOUR Choice)

This is a Deadeye / Champion Build that utilize Varunastra, CI + Incandescent Heart for a low cost, efficient Melee build.

1-2 Exalt budget, 6-7K ES with 81% effective max res; 5 Link 1Million DPS (Not boosted)

Deadeye is my main ascendancy choice for this build, since I mostly map and enjoy a smooth and quick melee build.

The Original guide was made for Gladiator back in 2.6. I've written the new 3.5 guide on the same old Duelist thread. So please go over there for the actual guide.



CHAMPION https://pastebin.com/efAupWhd

DEADEYE https://pastebin.com/yA6BQcLf
Last bumped on Dec 23, 2018, 6:21:03 PM

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