[3.5] Shadow Trickster. Mjolner Discharge. Life-EB-MoM. Cyclone\Molten Strike. (Marauder in 3.7)

My resist are so bad what can i do
And also my strenght not enough to mjölner
Looking at your current char, it doesnt seem like you have a way to inflict bleeding, making The Golden Rule obsolete. Am i missing something here?
I see that you have 2 points for 10 str, drop them and one 5% hp node, and take the jewel socket for 3 point under templar area, it gives you same 20 str, and, sure jewel, from which you can take additional resistances or more str. Alternatives, you can take one 30 str and "Cloth and Chain" nodes.

I have 2 points for "Bleed chance" near the glad area, it gives 15% global chance to bleed and enought to keep 100% uptime for bosses, plus we take lgoh support instead.
my resist are done but i have a low life so i use brine crown for that but the problem is when i use brine i cant use my one aura which is purity of ice, but my resist are still okey because of brine crown giving cold resist, what can i use instead of purity of ice ?

and i have 5k hp (with brine crown) is it okey for 87 LVL ?
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Brine crown it's just for Life\Mom endgame version. I have around 5.5k hp at lvl 93 with catarina's helmet and it's enought cause we have good phys and ele damage mitigation and outleech.
How come you link Discharge with arc instead of something like concentrated effect? As per my understanding, you can trigger Mjollner 6 times per second, meaning you could do 6 discharges per second
If we talk about solo target, and compare 2nd support and arc, total dps is near the same with 20 lvl arc, and slighty better with lvl 21 arc, cause arc get a buff few leagues ago. With mjolner, each of active skill has its own cooldown time, if we have enought aps, we get same discharges and arcs per second, that's why we get around 6 aps for cyclone. (Cyclone hit's 2 times per spin, so we get 12 attacks per sec and each will trigger discharge then arc) For molten is a much easier, cause each ball can hit. And a most important, Romira's ring, gives charge per cast, not per hit, and attack + arc between discharges is another strong charge generator.
Ah i see, very nice explanation, thank you very much
If every molten strike bolt counts as a hit, isnt 6 APS completely overkill?

Also, im wondering where your cold hit for EE comes from, is it from vortex?
Im having a hard time figuring out why EE works for discharge in general, maybe you could explain?

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