[3.5] Storm Charging Assassin! - Budget Starter/Possibly all content clear

Hey there,

For some time I've been playing a build i made up myself and decided to share it with you guys.

Its most definetely not the most powerfull build, nor is it the most optimized (im still experimenting), but as of now, it is enough to clear high level maps easily with one click of a button and barely any currency investment :)

Right now Im playing this build with a Hierophant Templar and it works, but with Assassin, its way more powerfull and conveniant to use. You can also try using it with Hierophant, Elementalist or Trickster, but i feel like assassin is the way to go thanks to his overwhelming damage, reflect prevention and culling strike.

So lets get to it. This build utilizes new skill - Storm Brand, with a slight twist. It uses Charged Dash with Cast while Channeling Support to quickly sweep through the map and kill everything in its way and Brand Recall to summon Brands when needed.

Since Charged Dash uses your movement speed to increase illusions movement, you should use boots with 30% movement speed or more + Quicksilver and Silver Flasks for movement increase.

Assassin is the perfect choice for this build thanks to its boost to movement speed, extra power charges and multiple bonuses for crit strikes which we are utilizing to the max.

Here is PoB build with gear from my current character:

It is absolutely not nescessary for farming red tier maps but If you have a bit of currency to spend, I recommend using Choir of the Storm Lapis Amulet for extra single target damage and increase in overall Storm Brand Damage and Inpulsa's Broken Heart for further damage increase and corpse explosion aoe damage. Using Vessel of Vinktar with lightning damage penetration or flat lightning damage to spells will push the dps further as well, so if you want to invest currency, feel free to do so.

I wont link any of the gear here, since there is really nothing much to be talked about (and RNG Jesus really hates me =( ). The only thing worth mentioning is that we need to use Daggers or Scepters, as Charged Dash is an attack which means it can't be cast with wands in hand.

When it comes to HC viability, I believe it could be done so, but instead of Assassin, Trickster would be a better choice thanks to his hp recovery from kill. When playing as a trickster, you could either go Mind over matter to boost defensive properties of the character, or go full mana reservation with additional aura like Herald of Ice, to push damage a little bit further (charged dash is a movement skill, so when playing as trickster, its free to cast).

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment,

Best Regards,

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I actually tried this out for a little bit since i had too much it that fled money, and it's actually nuts wtf. Build is fun and unique with no gated items. Now we need a petition to GGG where the camera angle follows the clone and I think this skill has the potential to explode.
Looks like a fun build gonna try it out
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Nice level 99 build bro...
standard and hardcore are two different games !

Ever stop to think why you do what you do, ever stop to question yourself and the actions you take ?

bree pa pa pa !
Thanks for sharing, I'll definetly try this on next league :)

Can you enlighten a bit about how to build up while leveling? Wich nodes to take, what paths to follow first, what is more important, etc?

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