[3.5] Hardcore Betrayal Bax_CD Autobomber Assassin Shadow

Hello guys,

This build is the most fun build for maping I have ever experienced on Path of Exile. It is really bad for bossing or single targeting until you min-max. But for clear Speed, in my opinion, is the most fun and fast build.

I like to level it as Arc Traper. So I decided to make a sugestion on how to leevl it up the way I do. You can level it another way to fit your preference if you don't like Traps.


Beginning Sugestion

After killing Hillock buy a Wand with green socket, choose and place Explosive Trap on it.

After entering the Submerged Passage, go to town, buy another Wand 2Linked sockets 1 Blue & 1 Green. Choose and Place FrostBomb + Onslaught on it.

Place the Frost Bomb on the Packs, when explodes it will boost your mov speed with the Onslaught.

Recomended Leveling Setup

I prefer to Level this build with Arc Trap & Lightning Spire Trap setup.

You can choose to level the way you prefer. Blade Vortex, Fireball, Totens, etc. Anything can work really. But I will share the way I prefer;

Arc Trap Links on the DeerStalker Boot:

If you don't have a DeerStalker Boot (it cost less than 1chaos), on League Start for example, Just make a 4L Arc Trap with a magic or rare item, it is ok.

Lightning Spire Trap on the Tabula:

If you don't have a Tabula, it is ok. Just make a 4L magic or rare item with Lightning Spire Trap and 3 of the Supports it will be a bit weaker but will be just fine.

You could also choose another Support gems to make a bit better, but I like using this ones because you are going to use them in the Final Autobomber Build. And this way you already Level them Up along the way.

Also look at all the gems we use in the Final version, and you can start leveling them while you are leveling the character. You can place them on Off-Hand weapons so the Gems get experience. And than when you convert the build from Arc Traper to Auto bomber, you will have all the gems necessary already leveled.

Recomended Leveling Items

If you want more Damage, Use 2x Axiom's Sceptres, if you need a bit more Resists, Use 1x Axiom 1x AurumVorax. You can level without these itens. This is just a recomendation if you have money to level with comfort.



The itens you really can make it Cheaper, or more costy than this. You can start with a 5L Coming Calamity instead of 6L and Drop Empower. you can get cheaper rare itens,etc... You can also make it MORE expansive, with a HeadHunter, etc etc... So the itens basically is related to your economy situation in the game. But these ones can help you guys have an Idea to focus on what to get.

Another good idea for a cheaper amulet would be a Rare amulet with Crit, High life and resists like this



Body Armour





** On the boots and Shield, you can actually make the setup of your preference, for example, you could put a Decoy totem somewhere to make boss fights safer, Maybe make a 4L Blade Vortex setup on the boot to kill bosses. Or if you have a HeadHunter, you can use Vaal Breach, etc...

Ascendancys, Pantheons & Bandits

Normal Lab: Unstable Infusion
Cruel Lab: Deadly Infusion
Mercilesss Lab: Ambush and Assassinate
Uber Lab: Opportunistic

Bandits: KILL ALL (( You can also choose to Help Alira, it is also a good choice for extra Resistances and Crit Multiplier. But I prefer to Kill all ))

Major God: Soul of Solaris
Minor God: Soul of Shakari

Always use Minor God: Soul of Ralakesh to get rushed in Lab. It makes you take less damage from the traps. It is really good. Specially for Hardcore.

Guess that's it. I will be traveling from Xmas December 25 to January 7-10th.
Wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Will be avaiable from January and on in my Twitch Channel

Kind Regards,
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would you be able to clear t16s with this, would like to do elder channels
PixL123 wrote:
would you be able to clear t16s with this, would like to do elder channels

yes, but no boss.. unless you have a HeadHunter and a Vaal Breach... but with this you can clear the map and super fast
Been leveling this character, and so far I love the leveling section. Would be great if you'd go into a bit more detail on the endgame gem links (logic behind them, some alternatives, etc.), as well as why certain gear choices are useful or BIS. The amulet is particularly curious, since there are so many excellent crit amulets one could buy, so knowing why you chose what you did would be really helpful!

Thanks for posting. :-)
Thank you for the detailed breakdown of this build. what 4l blade vortex would you recommend?

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