[3.5] Scion [DE + Jug] Power Siphon CoC Ice Spear (With Poet's Pen)

Good day, fellow exiles.
As CoC has been buffed this league, we see many variations of CoC builds out there.

I would like to share mine,
Scion [Deadeye + Jug] Power Siphon CoC Ice Spear

Just did some changes on my weapon. Included Poet's Pen, and it increases my damage further and more Ice spears :D


Some gameplay!
New T15 / Mastermind / Hydra. Usually lags when record :/
Do mind the low fps :(
T8 - Mud Geyserhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZsCFn4d8BU
T10 - Pier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff2dbPiclLM
T13 - Core (Shaper mod) https://youtu.be/QtaU7tIuLdY Died twice tho at boss :/
T15 - Tower (Shaper-StrongHold) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FroOexkfsmM
T16 - Hydra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL1ZhVhU30A
Mastermind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ6bMRLzIig (Not sure what to do at skele)

Why Power Siphon? Why Range? Why Wands?
(1) Ice Spear has two forms.
Firstly, the mechanics of Ice Spear is that it has two forms. After a short distance, it will shift to its' second form where it will deal more dps than the first. While ranged, you can easily crit at a distance, which implies that your ice spear will usually be in its' second form.

If you intend to use ice spear in close combat, you might as well use giacial cascade or freezing pulse. That's because the main dps of Ice Spear comes from its second form.

Then again, some may ask, what about if monsters get to close to you?
- The answer is that, ice spear shouldn't have a problem killing trash monsters. We can simply Flame Dash away.
While bossing, staying near the boss will reduce ice spear's dps. Why so? Point number 2.

(2) Far Shot
Under Scion's deadeye ascendency, we have "Far Shot", whereby projectile deals up to 50% increased damage further away. Making use of this, that's why I tried building around a range skill. Note that "Point Blank" has no effect on Ice Spear due to it being a spell.

(3) Range = Bow / Wands. Which is better?

For Bows, we don't have much mods that are useful to spell damage. While for wands, we can easily get mods to complement Ice Spear (like flat dmg to spell, and spell%). There are many attack speed passive we can add, and that will help us overcome our shortcomings.

(4) Range skills available.
(a) Barrage : Good single target proc, doesn't require much attack speed. Bad in clearing packs.
(b) Frenzy : Good for frenzy charges, but bad in attack speed and clearing packs.
(c) Kinetic Blast : Requires high attack speed for single target, but good in clearing packs.
(d) Power Siphon : Requires high attack speed for single target, but good in clearing packs, with power charges + culling strike.

So out of all possibilities, I went on with power siphon.

Budget : Heavy.

Ascendency Path

By the 3rd ascendency,
I've chosen Deadeye (first), then Jug.
And the last one is to choose the begin at Ranger's skill tree.

Explanation : Deadeye + Jug will give you extremely high accuracy. By then, you should have above 92% accuracy easily.
Projectile boosts from deadeye will give you much benefits for projectile skills, namely, Ice Spear. Power Siphon benefits from that too.
Not to forget, cannot be chilled and stunned is too good to miss. Together with free endurance charges. Why not?

There are many downsides to this build.
(1) Leveling up - Unless you are ready to spend those regrets, otherwise it will be difficult.
(2) Problems with sustaining, damage etc. at lower levels.
(3) Power Siphon doesn't have faster attack speed.
(4) The tree doesn't have much access to Intelligence, which is needed to wield those wands.
(5) Definitely no reflect ele maps.

What goes down, will come up :)
The results are fruitful.
Once your passive and gears are decent, you'll be able to attack fast, crit much, and coc with all those spears, sustaining yourself :)
I was able to do my last ascendency at lv 85.

Core Gears

Starkonja for the much needed health, attack speed, and crit chance. Rats Nest is good too, but compromising health.
Aim for this enchant for the additional spear. We don't need the 30% reduced distance since we are ranged anyways. And we don't need the power charge enchant since we are using siphon.

Of course, a curse WL mark on hit would be best. Power Siphon would proc the curse on units, and then your ice spear will starting leeching for you. (Expensive tho)

For additional 2 projectiles. That's your damage boost. And this is the reason why I avoided using GMP in my set.

The Pandomonius. Very good complement to ice spear. Since you will be criting almost all the time, it means that monsters will be chilled/frozen. You're gonna take the most benefit out of this necklace and it will melt through enemies.

Pure Talent JEWEL is absolutely needed. At end game, it is intended that I will reach Shadow's, Ranger's, Scion's. Shadow's tree gives the yummiest crit chance bonus.

And a Poet's Pen.
Increases damage further rather than wielding two rare wands.
A Poet's Pen + A rare Wand with good mods works better.

Core Skill Gems

I use shroud of the lightless due to the abyssal jewel bonuses, and it's cheap as a 5l, with whatever that comes with it.
Power Siphon - Cast on Critical Strike - Ice Spear - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Critical Damage
With max power charges, you should have close to 75% crit chance. And since ice spear has a high base crit chance, crit damage support would be an awesome choice.

On Poet's Pen, I went for Elemental Focus. That's because Ice Spears from CoC is sufficient to chill/freeze. So on PP, I went for damage. Cold Penetration is more consistent than other supports.

The rest of the combos are cwdt, golems, flame dash, auras etc.
Up to your own style.

Well, I'm currently leveling, and will slowly grind up to find new maps to share. Siphon CoC Ice Spear is indeed fun to play~

As this is my first few guides, please do share your thoughts and even give ideas to make my build stronger. Thanks!

Have a nice day :)
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seems sick :D

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