3.5.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

3.5.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when re-entering the Mastermind encounter area.

This hotfix has been deployed without a restart.
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I had this same bug with the invisible dot ground after the patch.


The video apparently starts after the 4 syndicates are dead and all corners are dot ground.

At :14 they get an icon that looks like Unholy Damage that causes a dot. This is when they are in the center and the totem is firing away from them. you can use the < and > keys to move single frames in youtube. They then die from a hit.


When they reenter they run across a dot ground at :35 that is now invisible and receive a green icon. When they leave the dot ground they momentarily receive a second green icon then just one when not on the invisible dot ground but are still taking dot.

At 1:51 they get a double stack again when in the back part of the arena.

Is there a reason they should be taking a double degen while not on the dot ground or is this a bug

Big disappointment after all of the mission grinding.

Here is my invincible Syndicate bug


and my winter orb bugout.


So many problems this release....
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still better than Fallout 76
Still a larger patch change than an Entire D3 season patch
Another update, more support for additional mtx etc. Login then start game. Right away I see lag spike every 10 seconds regular as clockwork. I note a one second between the time I hit a button and the time my guy moves. Bad but playable.

That is until I open my first map then total frozen crash,. Forcing a complete reboot.

If there is one thing GGG has taught me over the years thru several computers is that once the lag starts you're done for the day.

I COULD go back and play but what would be the point. So I'm outta here. It's not like I can't find other games to play.

Next crash (will try again tomorrow) I'm gone for a week.

Screw this poorly optimized game.

Hey 10Cents you got a paying customer here who can't play so NO MONEY!!!!!!
Not that any of you seem to care a bit or give a flaming rodent's rectum.
I don't actually know why techincal support team is ignoring all the complains about the lag spikes and server issues.

The stability of Servers should be their number one priority.
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read only EMPTY MAP STASHES actually CANT BE DELETED and sitting empty in my standard stash.

Actually i dont know if this bug is new or was...

If you start the game, please start from the hideout and not from city, and than waypoint run to the hideout.

ty for the good work this year and MERRRRRYYXXMAAASSSSS to you all of you, hard working ants.

▒▒▒▒░░░░░ ++HIDEOUT IMPROVEMENT THREAD: ..../view-thread/2179528...++░░░░▒▒▒▒
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Got Good news and bad news.

Good news is the game will be fixed in February 2019 not before.
GGG has let most staff members "off for the holidays" until then.

The bad new is the game WON'T be fixed until February.

I note they are rolling out mtx's like crazy tho.

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