[3.5] Champion - Shattering Steel


I wanted to play Lancing Steel as soon as I saw the preview video and thought that Shattering Steel looked meh. After playing, my opinion has flipped and it feels like Shattering Steel is the better skill.


Master of Metal > Conqueror > Worthy Foe > Unstoppable Hero

Arakaali/Ryslatha or Shakari

Passive Tree

Current Level 93 Tree


I went with Alira, overall the bonuses are just too good.



I started using a Beltimber recently so I could drop GMP and it seems to be working out alright.

This is what I was using before Beltimber.

Tombfist for intimidate, 2 socket would be ideal so maim has 100% chance instead of 30%.

I chose Loreweave as my armor since I haven't used one, but you could really use anything here.

Started using Lioneye's and really haven't felt much need to replace it. I considered using Great Old One's Ward.


+1 projectile, life, resists

life, resists

life, flask mods. Aiming for elder belt with projectile damage.

Fill resists, flat phys, life, crit mods.


Almost all the flask affixes are personal preference, but this is what I opted for.

I've been liking panicked flasks for the full heal when I'm low because of Ryslatha.

Extra evasion, blind and freeze immunity.

Curse immunity.

Chose shock immunity to not have to worry about it.

For the extra projectiles, area also helps the spray.


Poacher's Aim - The pierce really helps with clear and 1 seems to be enough.
Rare: % life, resists, damage, attack speed

Gem Links

Shattering - Vicious Proj - Slower Proj - Brutality - Maim - Increased Crits

CWDT(9) - Lightning Golem(11) - Tempest Shield(12) - Cull
CWDT(3) - Assassin's Mark(7) - IC(5)

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic(optional)

Grace - Dread Banner - Herald of Purity

Blood Rage - Protector


I started the league with this build and just upgraded my main hand when I could and leveled with shattering steel, felt fine if you could keep up with your weapon.

Progression/Next Steps

Atziri (x)
Elder Guardians (x)
T14 Elder (x)
Guardians (x)
Shaper (x)
Uber Elder

Thanks for reading! Any feedback or improvements would be awesome!

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This looks cool. I'm going to give it a shot :D
This looks good, i may recommend this to some friends and was wondering some things. Would you give it a rank 1 - 10 in the following catagories. Except for the highest tier of content with low investment. Thanks for taking a look at my post :)

Viability: ?
Tankiness: ?
Cost: ?
Minimum Cost: ?
Highest tier of content with low investment:?
Required skill (Low for noob friendly, high for difficult): ?
SSF hardcore viable, SSF viable, Legaue starter, or requires supplement to start:?
Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.
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Hi what did you use until you got dying sun

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