[3.5] CoC Nova Elementalist [W.I.P.]

Since i cant find any elementalist cospris build here i will showcase my build

WIP - im also very sorry for my bad english - i try to improve the texting (PM me if you rly dont understand something so i can try to rephrase it)

Bad first Chimera Map - have to learn endgame fights i guess


My items

[WIP] in depth look at items

Weapon + Off Hand
No surprise here - i chose to run with one Cospris since you would need to craft alot of gear with Accuracy to get hit chance up to 90%+

Body Armour
Carcass Jack got buffed 3.5 and is a pretty good armour in my opinion. Has every stat we need (Life + Res) + inc AoE and AoE DMG - so everything we want

I think Inpulsas could work too - we need to get some kind of reliable shock then - either with three dragons helmet or some kind of ring set up

Starkonjas - my all time go to helmet for life based attack charakters. Since we use a attack skill to proc our coc this hemelt helps a lot. Dex helps with the 212 Dex requirement for Cospris and the AS+Crit is just perfect for attack skill

Pandemonius is just a great amulet for this build. SOme Res, % Cold DMG and Cold Pen. But the best stat is this sweet blind and the reduced action speed mod. Helps alot with survivability

Rare - Life, MS and Res (Maybe CD but i dont think thats necessary)

Kaoms Root are also pretty awesome if u manage to cap your resis with other slots

Rare - Life , Res (Maybe CDR again )
Flow Untahtered Nice for lower maps, but no stats to increase survivability

Rare - life, dex if needed, res,
!!for endgame content you want a elder rign with warlords mark on hit!!

Rares - life,res
Tenumus Reaves - im using this one right now cause i thinks its a pretty awesome extra layer of defence + extra dmg. Also it has some life and AS

Gem links

Cospris: Frostbolt - Ice Nova - GMP
We use Frostbold synergy with ice nova and selfcast vortex to get huge aoe clear

Body Armour: Cyclone - Inc Crit - Ice Bite - CoC - Ice Nova
Since we using only one cosprise we use our 5/6 link as a second dmg tool. Cyclone has high APS with 40% crit chance+ we proc CoC 24/7

1.Vortex - Bone Chill - Hypothermia - Blood Rage
Selfcast Vortex when cospris cast the frostbolds to cover the whole screen with vortex

2.HoI - CoH - Assassins Mark
CoH setup for power charge generation - mana or life leeched as last link

3.CWDT - Ice Golem - Immortal Call - Cold Snap
As in most builds a CWDT setup - golem for more as - cold snap is just a test right now

Off Hand: Whirling Blades /Shield Charge - Faster attacks - Fortify

Layers of defence

Lvl 90(includes all my items)

Ascendency order
Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord-> Paragon of Calamity-> Liege of the Primordial/Shaper of Desolation

Pendulum: % Dmg/AoE
Mastermind: Ele Pen + Some more flat dmg because of herald of ice
Paragon: Some Leech and 40% inc dmg - i guess u get always hit with something
Primordial: 2 Golem if u can fit them into sockets
Shaper: Probably only the shock effect every other sec is nice here

I leveled as winter orb, poets pen is also a good choice - as always :D
Also you could lvl as CoC wstarting with lvl 38 - will update u guys on this soon :D

Things to add:
Defence mechanics, Video of clearing some stupid maps/boss, Endgame Tree....
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Reserved for future development
looking forward to seeing ur progress =D
Looks amazing. How do you play it exactly? Self cast vortex and watch the whole screen go supernova? How much deeper does it go play-wise?

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