3.5 Oldschool CoC / Lancing Freeze / Low budget with potential


Credits to Hollyphantom, who invented the build basics.
Build is based on Lancing Steel as a trigger (kind of Barrage for older CoC builds)

The build is crit based focusing on the lovely Cast on Crit-gem, making you spam the whole screen with elemental damage. CoC got a buff or more to say "welcome back" from GGG patch 3.5.

The attackspeed and CoC is insane. The screen is kind of melting.
So far no problem face tanking map bosses.

Lacing Steel is the new Barrage - but better.
It fires 4 projectiles and is going far, far on the map. It's projectile and the main focus with it is to trigger Cast on Critical Strike.

Ice Spear has been buffed due to 3.5, making it exceptional good for this build. Freezing Pulse is as awesome as always.

What you want is high crit chance, maxed resistances, good life pool and ok accuracy since with to low acc you will not hit enough for crits.

My current gear - noobish levelling gear

help alira0

Atleast 2 jews with mana on attack hit to sustain mana
Crit multi

Last bumped on Dec 21, 2018, 2:15:00 PM
Any Videos/Gifs?

amazing clear, but single target dmg is pathetic, cant even kill yellow elder
going to equip poets pen and barrage/KB instead spectral throw (ST is 10 times better than lancing steel btw)

u can check pastebin for more info about my take on that idea of build: https://pastebin.com/yijSsDeu - uber fun to clear packs, a bit less fun to die against weak bosses
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