[3.5] WiP, Perfect Storm Occultist - Winter Orb WcW Ice Spear


This is a work in progress that I need some input on. The the build is built around Winter orb where we also cast Ice spear via the support gem Cast while Channeling.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/UPfjCu4s

I wanted to go Occultist over Elementalist since I already played an Elementalist this league, and I wanted to stack powercharges as well as try the new cold nodes, Void Beacon and Frigid Wake. We also run a tripple curse setup with Warlords mark (elder ring), Enfeeble or Assasin mark (Herald curse on hit) and Frostbite (Herald curse on hit).


Loreweave, void battery, Light of Lunaris, The Pandemonius, Mark of the Shaper and Inyas Ephiphany and an elder ring with Warlords Mark on hit. rest are rares with resists, life, and other good stats (cast speed, crit affixes, dmg affixes etc)


Winter Orb 6link, Spell Totem with Arctic Breath and Bonechill for increased cold damage taken, Vaal RF and Frost Bomb


Enfeeble, Cwdt setup, Loreweave


6: WO-CwC-IS-Hypothermia-ContDes-GMP

4: HoT-CoH-Frostbite-Enfeeble

4: Spell Totem-Arctic Breath-Bonechill-Unbound Ailments

4: Faster Casting-Flame Dash-Arcane Surge + HoI

3: Vaal RF-IncDur-Frost Bomb

3: Cwdt-Immortalcall-IncDur

So my main concerns are:

-Frigid Wake (defensive) vs. Forbidden Power (offensive). How good is Frigid Wake, and is it worth taking over Forbidden Power?

-Any comments on the gear section? any good uniques I should try out or remove?

-General ideas and feedback on the skilltree.

-General ideas and feedback on the gem setup.

Other improvement ideas? The only thing I dont want to change is the ascendancy class.

thanks in advance!
Last bumped on Dec 15, 2018, 6:38:10 AM

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