[3.5] Updated shattering steel Champion cheap starter build can do maps Fast

Phys POB

How this build works
Clearing maps use beltimber and dash about to trigger more proj
Killing bosses stand close to the boss to shotgun tones of dmg on the enemy

poachers mark is needed it grants ur mana and life back instead of leeching but u can go leech if u want ignore the mana flasks ive got ive not switch to real pots even tho im lvl 86


BOOTS: http://poe.trade/search/ohukiuohimonoy


Uber LAB: +
Atziri: +
uber atziri: ?
shaper: ?
Elder: ?
council: ?

cant do Phys reflect
will have mana problems if ur not careful with gearing etc
slow move speed
Building life all depends on the tree nodes u grabe and ur gear
Most res is from boots and jewelry and sockets ETC

Fast dash
Good map clearer
Good dmg
can do ELE reflect
Full phys
Blood splosion everywhere
easy to lvl
tanks phys enemies EZ

Current Gear:

Fixes and updates:
Added magnate to give example of a belt to use when low on res
Added option to switch to grelwood
Added punishment instead of vulrability
Added Gear
added gear option of gloves
SWAPED punishment for poachers mark and removing leech
got rid of grelwood swords
added point blank skill node
add thought of using loreweave instead of brass dome
updated POB to newer version of build
current gear updated again
Ditched poacher's mark for warlords mark added shields
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