[3.5] The Immortal Brand - Heirophant build

WIP, come back later!

Do you want to deal damage? Do you want to be near invincible?

Well...You're Neither of those! HA STUPID BEASTS! YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE IMMORTAL? CLIIIICKBAIIIIT....or is it? Time to dive into the build.

So, let me start off with some disclaimers.

I am not responsible for any rips due to currently overtuned Syndicate leaders.

If you don't cap your chaos resist, or get it close to 75, Tora, and It that fled will still pretty much ruin your day. Proceed with caution with any chaos member. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Okay, STEP ONE! The Gems.



In our case, We will be doing Armageddon brand


Armageddon brand - Concentrated Effect - Life Leech*or Controlled Destruction. Your choice. Only choose CD if you have spell leech elsewhere* - Power Charge on critical - Combustion - Immolate


Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Empower(lv 4 - Arcane Surge(lv 10+)

It turns out, Immortal call increases BUFF DURATION. This means we can make our arcane surge last OVER 20 SECONDS with 0 DURATION INVESTMENT AT ALL. This lets us completely ignore "Arcane Blessing" ascendancy. Also, we can run arcane surge at a MUCH higher level and still have permanent uptime, Thanks to "Conviction of power"

Self Casting Immortal call is only possible due to the way brands work. You place the brands down, then yank them around the map with a skill called Brand recall. This skill is instant cast, so we can get the benefit of a level 21/20 Immortal call setup, which has AMAZING EFFECTS for arcane surge, another buff skill, SIMULTANEOUSLY. With 3 endurance charges, You can almost have permanent immortal call, which means you are IMMUNE TO PHYSCAL DAMAGE almost 90% of the time.

If you were to nab a Endurance charge, a mere 4 points away with our final tree, I'm almost certain you can have permanent Immortal call. Or get +1 max off a corruption, or other piece of gear.

Fun fact, Phase run also exhibits this buff duration steroid. So you can link arcane surge to phase run and get the same exact effect if you want to use that setup. You just need to find a way to generate a reliable source of frenzy charges*curse?*


Scorching Ray - Spell totem - Multiple Totems

This serves Three purposes.

First, is to give us that juicy 100% crit chance from our Notable "Shaman's Dominion" That we pick up mostly for the brand bit, so 150% crit chance from a single passive point... Yeeep. broken.

Second, Beams will cause our Immolate to take effect, making our lowish base damage, MUUUUUUCH higher. This makes Concentrated effect and other support gems scale FAR BETTER.

Third, Decoys. The build says yer immortal, but...your not completely impervious to damage. You ain't invincible. Chaos, and 25% of elemental damage gets though.


Orb of storms - curse on hit - pick a curse(i do flammability) - Blind

50% evade chance is nice. Nabbed!

Orb of storms is a fantastic skill. If instead you want more damage, replace blind with power charge on critical and slot controlled destruction in. Note, you WILL GENERATE LESS ENDURANCE CHARGES IF THIS IS THE SKILL THAT HAS PCOC. The reason is sheer volume of brands all critting. 6 brands 6 crits potentially. This means it will be FAR harder to maintain perma immortal call. That's why I slot pcoc on main attack.


Lightning warp - Faster Casting - Less Duration - Swift Affliction

Slot your Favorite skill here. I won't judge. If you have a 2 link skill, you can do a cwdt Brand recall level 1 setup for speed clearing low tier maps.

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