[3.5] [HELP] Spectral Throw hardly any dps.

This is my 7th time changing builds because of this problem.

I look at guides, copy almost the exact same items and the difference between mine and theirs is,

Me - 8k DPS
Theirs - 60k+ DPS

This is literally everytime I try a build..

Yesterday I did a Tornado shot build with Windripper, could hardly do t7 maps, with a 6l windripper, rigwalds quill, every gem, every skill tree that was shown was copied..

Same story today but with Spectral Throw, I just cannot get the dps and it just blows my mind because I do exactly what everyone else does..

[ I did check my profile on POB and it says I do 60k dps... Which I don't because it takes 7+ projectiles to kill 1 monster on t7. I have no fu clue what is happening with my account. ]

Here's my POB, https://pastebin.com/JjPMvnY1

Discord : MiniMakier#5799

P.S I'm soon about to sell all my currency and items and just giveup (other words, please help!) lmao
Last bumped on Dec 12, 2018, 4:31:46 PM
Your gear is lacking and your jewels are wrong.

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