[3.5]Winter Orb Occultist - The undying Winterstorm(everything down)

Hello and Welcome to a Build which uses the skill Winter orb.

Current Happenings:

Notice for 3.6

Development manifesto brings huge nerfs (and some buffs) to this specc.

It seems with the change to nonchaos damgage as extra chaos system the cold to fire conversation support will be weaker (as we need to focus on one element now) and hypothermia will again be stronger.

Winter Orb itself will also be nerfed in raw damage

But on another point it seems spellnodes will get some love as well as we're getting spell leech on tree which opens up a curse slot. Stay tuned!

9.1.2019 overworked the complete Build to update to new speccs.

bricked it yet again... but bought another one
36 challenges Done, ATLAS completed

First of all, this is the build I'm currently using.
I cleared almost everything in the game (Aul eludes me, aztiri is... well let's not go there, reflect and orb AI don't work well together -> still killed uber atziri yesterday thorugh! and Did the Challenge killing the girl at second boss last too :) )
So lets get it on with the description:

How we do damage:

We use winter orb for almost all damage, AE clear is done with triggered triple heralds and profane bloom.

Single Target DPS comes from Conversation and Extra Damage through it. Currently i have 71% damage as extra chaos damage in the low life version of the Build. This would be 91% in the tank form with CI. We abuse this with an additional conversation from ice to fire (and improve that with herald of ash) to gain even more chaos damage.
In the end we deal ~5% lightning, ~35% cold, 60% fire and 71%(or 91%) of that together again as chaos damage. This gives me about 250k dps in Pob. So this build actually is a chaos damage build :)

How do we survive:

I have currently 10k ES(With vile bastion) and chaos inoculation as well as the unique chest incandescent heart. (which reduces all elemental dmg incoming by 25% as long as you have CI) and ghost reaver. Thanks to my gear i get up to 30% evasion and warlords mark(elder ring) makes a 2 sec immortal call possible.

So yeah, killing that will be hard. We don't need mana or life flasks so this will give an additional layer of def/off too.

the lowlife Version has more space for auras, i actually use aspect of the crab and arctic armor to offset the increased squishiness of low life. (And change AA to purity of ice for uberelder)


Phase run + inc duration + arcane surge: Endless phase run and 10 second arcane surge incoming :) Flame dash for cliffs etc.


very fast mapper
very tanky
The two above make her a good uberlab runner too
good delving thanks to phasing
only one mapmod impossible (ele reflect - well it can be done if you remove Phys to lightning from link - takes a while though)

Complex playstyle to get everything out the build
needs a little investment to shine (items with high ES, a lot of dmg to spells, chaos conversation)
Is not an uberelder farmer -> ya need to be good, 5 min fights inc :P



This bad boy gives insane amounts of defenses and damage. A decent Roll of ES with the two unique chaos mods make this the best option for the CI version.


Head: Currently using
. It gives me the option of actually using BV (as the manacost in neglible), it gives 1 level to BV and has good ES with decent evasion rating (and it's cheap :>) Currently my Auralink is in there, 22 lvl discipline mmh :)

Gain Chaosdmg as extra >>>> all. Spelldmg, Casthaste, adds flat frost>lighting>fire dmg to spells > frostdmg%
Also try to get Despair on hit on your weapon. Best would be something like this:

You could also use apep's sacrifice(it's quite epensive but gives an insane boost to tankiness)

Rings/amulet: get your resists, get ES. And get a WM for the first curse:

Mark of the shaper is a very good defensive and offensive addition!(but you need to get your resists somewhere else)

Bank an amulet with cold lifeleech for bosses like the goddess in plaza/orchard - shes truly immune to curses.


and if you're lucky or rich

Focus(the new shit): Amulet craft is awesome, something like this:
can safe your life!

Gems and Links

Primary link:
Winter Orb + GMP + Ice Bite + increased Duration + efficacy + controlled destruction

After getting above ~50% extra damage as Chaos the link changes to:

Winter Orb + GMP + Ice to fire Support + increased Duration + Hypothermia + controlled destruction (2 green, 2 red, 2 blue is quite cheap on Heart)

1.If have seen people replacing efficacy with faster casting for mapping. Try it if you want as soon as you have enough dmg.

2. If you have Winterorb helmet enchant for two additional stages, hypthermia or slower projectiles are actually a lot stronger then efficacy and you don't really need the quality of life from skill duration anymore. problem is the recolouring of the chest armor, 3 green is annoying. (or two green and two red with ColdtoFire)

Secondary Link:

vaal BV + physical to lightning + controlled destruction + increased duration(or hypothermia if you only use the vaal version) or faster casting if you only use it at bosses.
vaal arc + controlled destruction + spell echo + added lightning damage
Wither(with at least 70% chaos as extra dmg) + CWC + Frostbomb/arc/whatever

Phaserun + increased duration + arcane surge + vaal righteous fire (we want the more spell damage buff from righteous fire to last long)

herald of ice
herald of thunder curse on hit - frostbite (With cold to fire, Change to elemental weakness and get Herald of ash -> Enlighten required)

CWDT + Imortal call + frostbomb


tree at 90

The Difference in Endgame between the two builds: CI/Heart Build is tankier, easier to color and the better uberelder killer. LL/Shav has more auras(i prefer aspect of the crab and Artic armor/Purity of ice as additional auras) and thorugh them better phys tank capabilities, but get's more ele dmg and has less conversation. To offset this, it has a bit more flat dmg (hard to colour through)

with heart and CI

here we use viel bastion to get stun immune

lowlife with shav

void beacon instead of of bastion


Why these Ascendencies?:
wicked ward is a little lifesaver and there is honestly no better option as of right now

void beacon: we do cold and chaos damage (when geared optimally almost the same amount) so this aura gets pretty strong. The range is also massive.
profane bloom: removes restriction of hexproof maps, gives good cleaspeed
Malediction: insane dps gain as well as a fine defensive layer.

if you play this as a starter take vile bastion instead of malediction(if you can't support two curses) or instead of voidbeacon(if you can)

Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits: kill em all.
Pantheon: Solaris/Lunaris whatever you prefer. Single mob defenses sould be better through. Lunaris is faster for mapping.

Minor: Take what you like, but bleed defense or burning ground immunity are the best ihmo

Well thats it folks, after beginning the build i didn't think it would become this complex, if you have questions please follow up on the thread.
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
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-removed Build form WIP Status - it actually works well enough.
-added PoB
-added ascendency description

red elder killed
hydra video uploaded
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Lowlife Vortex Occultist
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Nice build! Maybe Void batteries and power charge nodes instead of elemental overload for end game build?
Nice build! Maybe Void batteries and power charge nodes instead of elemental overload for end game build?

hard to say if it outperforms the ~35% more dmg as chaos you could get through weapon/shield.

but i will try it if i get there :>
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
Are the gems in order? In case that I might run a 5L early in the game.
froztyxx wrote:
Are the gems in order? In case that I might run a 5L early in the game.

well quasi, effficacy is better quality of life, controlled is more dmg. whatever suits you better.
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
how i can life leech when i dont have warlords mark ring ? :( sry im noob
stoorzu wrote:
how i can life leech when i dont have warlords mark ring ? :( sry im noob

use herald of thunder + curse on hit + warlords mark (and use vile bastion, it safer until you get the elder ring)
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
shaper down yay :)
Metamorph Builds:
Lowlife Vortex Occultist
EA Raider
Hey Tsunamikun. Is this build viable with Scion? I'm currently running WO/CwC/Ice Spear and I like it, but I'm shopping around. I don't have the time this league to level up another character (even though I'm only 56), so I'm looking around for what will be the easiest once I'm in maps.

Just curious how you would change your tree (doesn't look like it would need much change) and what ascendancies you would go with Scion.
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