[3.5] [Level 60 WIP] Brand Hierophant ✓ I Think I Broke It ✓ Looking For Feedback

Still a WIP but this build has reached the stage where I might need some feedback and ideas to make sure that the power curve continues.

This is my first build after Enki's Arc Witch. The DPS and clear speed on this build far outclasses what I was experiencing with Arc Witch by this point. Betrayal bosses drop in seconds (even rank 3). I've just finished Arakaali (save Silk) and that boss absolutely melted.

It's completely SSF (mostly prioritizing socket rolls, I haven't used a single chromatic). The difference seems so ridiculous that it feels like I have broken brand skills.

Playstyle is a mix between AFK Brand Recall spam and melee Brand Recall spam. Storm Brand is for clear, Armageddon is for bosses. The two are somewhat interchangeable, especially with packs of bosses (Betrayal). The hideout run video demonstrates both playstyles.


  • Crazy DPS
  • Lifesteal that isn't vulnerable to disables
  • AFK playstyle
  • So cheap it's practically free


  • Susceptible to oneshots, especially from Haku
  • AFK playstyle


Betrayal Hideout Run (3 bosses): https://youtu.be/vuc5fDYmans


Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/g3Y8a1Gf

Skill tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.5.0/AAAABAUCAQQHBLMFQgj0C2EQURDMES0aOB8CJy8qEyu2LJww-DLRNsU6WDrYRKFFR0bXSp9Ms06uVcZXKVhtWfNaK18qZDNmnmdxaPJqQ3FpcYVyD3SleyB8g4Kbg9uD84SDhTKJvIuMjEaQVZXzmuCg5qIApWeuEq6zrv-vbLE2vOrAZsMTxq7JJMry0B_VpuZ96-Tr7u8h8B_4k_nd_oc=


Just the important ones:

  • Storm Brand + Buff Gem + Life Steal
  • Armageddon Brand + Buff Gem + Life Steal
  • Brand Recall
  • Herald of Ice (Ash or Thunder might work too)

I keep the golem around for the reduction buff, but not much else. I haven't used the attack skills in hours.


You're looking for spell crit chance/multiplier, and anything that builds power charges.

Any suggestions are more than welcome. I have my heart set on the Runesmith cluster. I'm not convinced by the Spiritual Aid cluster: I misread that passive thinking it gave me minion HP buffs.
Last bumped on Dec 21, 2018, 1:40:05 PM
I'm doing something similar this league and i found that crit Brands is very high damage. At level 63 ONE brand can take out a pack of blue mobs or a yellow after about 2 activation's. Bossing is pretty easy since you can Brand Recall 6 Brands on a bosses head and then 2 will attach. I went hard for damage in the beginning and am just now trying to get my Life and defenses up but im playing SC so its not a huge deal if i die. I think if you went more for Defense more it would not be so bad.

Here's a pastebin link to my tree with yours


I like where its heading and i would like some feed back as well.

Thanks and good hunting exile.
I'm a bit confused, u write that it does insane damage and the clearspeed is off the roof, but the only video u have showed on this guide, is Slow as fuck, and the damage is horrible, and its been a really long time since I've seen a build this slow. Made my eyes bleed xD
As you seem to be pretty new, my advise is to learn mechanics, skills and encounters before posting build guides. No pun intended. For any build i strongly recommend to use a single attack skill - not 3 or 4. A good build guide is this one https://pastebin.com/NxhZ4cKM from RaizeQT. He is playing Armageddon Brand currently. Maybe you can get feedback there and adjust your build.
But nontheless feel free to experiment.
wth is "life steal"

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