[3.5] Theorycraft - Discharge Hierophant (Nuke the enemy)

Hey guys!
I was looking around for discharge builds, because I just find it a very awesome skill, but it is hard to find one nowadays. Discharge is still great for clearing but difficult to utilize in boss fights (charges on Kill are generally not useful in boss fights). I am kind of obsessed with creating new builds, but usually it doesn't work out or it's just not good enough to show. I'm not a very skilled/knowledgeable player. I started playing casually since Harbinger League and I have much to learn. Part of this learning process is understanding how to create builds instead of just copying them.

Hence, I have made this theorycraft of a Discharge Hierophant focused on making it viable also during boss fights. I do not have the currency to test this build myself. Also, I think the build requires quite an investment which is a shame if it doesn't work out. Perhaps someone can try this in standard league and provide some real results for both map clear and boss fights. First I want to know if this build is possible (valid). So I do not necessarily care for comments such as: "take these three passive nodes to increase the dps by 1%". Only significant and relevant changes are appreciated.

I will be adding to this thread every now and then, I'm in no hurry.

For a basic overview of what the build is and does click these spoilers:

What do we do?
So this build revolves around using 8 power charges (+3 from passive tree and +2 dual void Batteries, while also using 4 endurance charges generated by the Hierophants ascendancy: Conviction of Power. The reason I do not use frenzy charges is that I could not find a decent way to gain frenzy charges during boss fights, however we could incorporate them in several ways.

How do we do it?
We generate power charges by having a very high crit chance and using the powercharge on crit support gem combined with spells like Orb of storms and lightning tendrils (Maybe Blade vortex if we can get the Dex?) The goal is to quickly gain max charges and then Nuke the enemy with, currently 700k damage and 400% crit multi (~90% crit chance) simulating a shaper fight.

I used POB to craft items, I don't know how realistic the values are. For example: I've tried to use tier 2 life on all items and resistances are not really divided between items, this is why I mentioned the investment cost earlier. To create the actual build, some items may proof to be hard to acquire due to their stats. However with the armours being all Rare it should be decently possible to cap resist while building all the other stats simultaneously. I'm not sure how strong the build is defensively. Right now it has decent phys mitigation and Life + ES + MoM gives quite some effective life. Endurance charges could be up during general mapping, but after every "nuke" we lose them as well as with CWDT + Immortal call. (My inexperience with MoM builds will probably show in the POB)

For now i'll just link the Path of Building Link here so that you can spot mistakes/issues/problems I've been tinkering around a bit and changes may have caused some critical errors, POB:


(EDIT) Alternative Passive tree with more crit multi and life, less mana, regen, armour and cast speed. https://pastebin.com/jS3cH5yf

You're more than welcome to post your discharge build if you think yours is viable for bossing as well as mapping or if you use it to make a point.

I'm really looking forward to feedback/advice/discussion. Any questions I'd be happy to answer.
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