[3.7] Agony Deliverance Tank. Bosses evaporated by scorpion friend

Build got a small damage increase by swapping elemental focus into the newly buffed vicious projectiles. Build works as well as it did in 3.7 but I plan on making my next Agony character a guardian to take advantage of the new minion nodes in the top side of the tree

Herald of Agony finally gets its deserved nerf. 20-25% less damage by my math, still a very good league starter. I would look for more damage on the jewels now to cover the loss

Sharing my budget league starter from 3.5, a summoner champion based entirely on the agony crawler. I completed all content including hall of the grandmasters and uber elder. I've been impressed by the tank of this character, handling everything I threw at it with stride

It really is awesome being able to do any map mod. The videos section includes a no leech/no regen chimera & deathless uber elder

- 7-8k Life
- 9.8% life regen per second
- Stun Immune
- Life gain on hit + 6 attacks per second
- Fortify
- 6% less damage taken from Conqueror notable

- 62% Attack avoidance from Dodge + Evade
- 84% Attack avoidance with Flask + blind
- 45% Spell dodge
- 66% Spell dodge with flask + taken a hit recently

Whew thats a fair list, the layers of defense has been very effective in keeping me alive

Pob has my tail spike at 1.6 Mill boss dps and the mortar up to 3.4 Mill depending on how many of the AOE explosions hit.

This was my league starter so I kept the gear budget. There is obvious upgrades if you wish to invest for higher numbers

I stack more 'more' multipliers then most heavy scaling phys conversion elemental damage with EE



Full Hydra run

No leech, No regen. I derped and forgot about the regen for a few seconds middle of the fight wasting time

Uber Elder

T15 Elder


This was my gear at first shaper kill. I have since worked on essence crafting better jewelry

Gear Breakdown

Quill rain for best attack speed. Mana gain on hit keeps up our mana at max

The coming calamity gives our crawler +2 to gems and allows us to run hatred. Combined this is about 70% more damage and worth giving up a defensive chest

Between 2 rings, 1 amulet and a quiver you need 50% minion movement speed and -8 to mana cost of skills. Once you get that the rest is life and resistances

Make sure none of these have any "added lightning/cold damage to attacks" or this will break EE. You also need some added fire damage to attacks on one of these or on a jewel

The Agony crawler enchant is a wonder for clearspeed. Higher priority then a 6-link imo. Then you craft with life and resistances. Wish this one was an evasion helmet but I picked it up for cheap early

Tombfist for intimidate. 10% more damage on gloves is good ratio and gives good life too.

Atziri's step have good evasion, decent life and add spell dodge to help cover spell based enemies.

Crafting Tips

Minion speed jewelry can be overpriced or nonexistant in the market so some simple tips on how to craft your own.

You'll want to be getting movement speed on 2-3 out of your jewelry slots (2 rings, 1 amulet, 1 quiver)

After getting minion speed the hope is to get good life and resistances. +50 life or +28% resistance is craftable afterwards but ideally you want it to roll better then that

Delve or Essence crafting?
In order to get minion movement speed you'll need
- Bound Fossil (1c)
- Shuddering Fossil (1c)
- 2 socket resonator (1c)

Optionally include
- Pristine Fossil (2c) (higher chance to roll life)
- 3 socketed resonator (1c)

So it will cost 3-5 chaos per attempt to get 15-30% minion movement speed but the high range can mean multiple attempts to get a good roll


- Shrieking Essence of Fear 23-26% speed (2c)
- Deafening Essence of Fear 27-30% speed (6c)

The prices on essences fluctuates more then fossils so these prices change. At the moment essence crafting is better then fossil crafting as the range of minion speed is much smaller, you can guarantee whichever tier you were shooting for per attempt and only need to hope for high life

First we must find a base to craft onto. Buying a base should be cheap so there is no reason not to pick the best one, scour it and then craft on it. Two types have benefit in this build
- Fire arrow quiver for fire damage (One less mod needed elsewhere)
- Sharktooth Arrow Quiver is +4 life on hit (7.5% more)

Very important is the Item level of the item.
- ilevel 64 or higher can roll best life
- ilevel 84 or higher can roll best resistances

Should it have Elder or Shaper Influence?

Good possible mods on Shaped Quiver include
- Mana gain on hit
- Increased movement speed
- 20% chance to maim on hit
- 10% chance to blind on hit

Good possible mods on Elder Quiver include
- 15% Increased Area of effect
- 15% Chance to Poison on hit

I crafted on an Ilevel 84 Shaped Sharktooth Arrow Quiver for my final choice although I only hit good life

None of the bases are great so I chose the marble as its the only one with some impact. The others are not much worse but no reason not to pick the best

- Ilevel 84 or higher is where the highest resistances are possible

None of the elder/shaper mods are appealing so normal is good

I didn't craft my rings but same rule here. Ilevel 84 on any of the resistances bases is fine


Worthy Foe is really good. "cannot evade" & 20% more is a great boost

Fortitude is good. bows usually can't get it.

I was originally going to try something with inspirational and master of metal but physical damage is very mediocre compared to how you can scale elemental damage with elemental equilibrium

Banners do very little for elemental crawler but inspirational is tempting anyway for movement clearspeed but you can get that on jewels without losing the big boosts of the other nodes

On first glace this should be good but the only thing it has going for it is your virulence stacks fade slower. Quill rain + rain of arrows makes it trivial to keep up stacks without this notable so its a bit redundant for a build based on the crawler without doing damage themselves

Biggest advantage here seems to be the proflane bloom explosions and going ES instead of life for a different style. Since 3.5 the explosions shouldn't scale with virulence stacks anymore so maybe less good

I would say this choice is bad for crawler. Minion life is wasted and the rest has low impact


Instant life flask for panic

Quartz flask for extra dodge and phasing. Removes bleed is needed

3 speedy flasks for movement, can't shield charge with a bow


My jewels are very mediocre. Everything wants life. You want some chance to blind. Minion movement speed and minion attack speed are good for clear. Leftover spots I get some overcapped resistances so I can run ele weakness maps

Anatomical knowledge is a good source of life. Might of the meek even better as it can hit over the life, resistances and minion attack speed area. Late game upgrade

Passive Skill Tree/Path of Building




Gem Selection


These were chosen for maximum damage. Pierce is tempting as it improves clear but at the loss of 23% damage and we get free pierce from our curse. Minion speed is trash, good leveling gem but gives no damage and minion speed can be gained from gear/jewels more efficiently then a gem slot

Vicious projectiles got buffed and now replaces elemental focus


Poison to bring our chance up to 80% and life gain on hit to keep us alive. The curse gives really good damage and adds pierce which is essential for clear. We need to tag packs anyway to apply all our damage boosts. Level 1 rain of arrows has lower mana cost making it easier to run no regen maps


CWDT setup. Immortal call and flesh offering are good


Hatred with generosity is about 50% more after EE is applied, very worth. Blink arrow crosses gaps


Phase run keeps us speedy for clearing. Convocation is for when crawler needs to hop a ledge or gets stuck on a corner


Soul of Lunaris for movement speed and extra dodge once upgraded.

Soul of Garukhan for dodge and movement speed once upgraded


Agony Crawler is first usable at level 18, you can swap into pure crawler damage right away or after you've gotten it more support. Pure crawler clear will be clunky at first but gain smoothness as you get minion movement speed and minion attack speed. Early sources of these are mainly jewels and gem levels

Clearspeed setup is
Agony Crawler - Physical to Lightning - Minion Speed - Pierce
This reserves 42% so you can run hatred and lets you not worry about cursing or minion speed jewels/gear yet but at the cost of not using any of the good damage gems

Max damage setup is
Agony Crawler - Physical to Lightning - Minion Damage - Damage on full life
Reserves 46% and what you transfer into once you have curse on hit and some minion speed jewels


This was my cheap gear for leveling and in early mapping. Helm gives +2 to crawler and chest is a psudo 5-link for rain of arrows before you can link the bow.

A -8 to mana cost ring is important for dealing with quill rain mana cost. Praxis is an easy cheap way to get it early

Gear upgrade order

- Rares to cover resistances
- Decent jewels
- 5-link bow
- 5-link the coming calamity chest
- Minion movement speed jewelry
- Helm enchant
- Enough resistances to change rare boots & gloves into uniques
- 6-link chest
- lvl 21 herald of agony

Leveling Tree
Acro is the defensive keystone.
Elemental Equilibrium is the damage keystone

When you get EE check your gear to make sure you have a source of fire damage and no lightning/cold. Elemental damage to attacks can be on rings, amulet, quiver, gloves or jewels.

Hatred must be supported by generosity to prevent it giving you cold damage

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It's not a spider, it's a scorpion.
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It's not a spider, it's a scorpion.

See I knew this. My character is even named Scorp. I guess I was just too tired while writing that haha
Looks amazing! I loved agony crawler during delve and will try this build now in betrayal.
IGN: Raise_Ur_Donger
What was your bandit choice?

Can't seem to find it.

weak damage per second 1.5 million. there is option with damage on bosses 2.5 million. https://youtu.be/Kevf4-JBVho
Bungusfungus wrote:
What was your bandit choice?

Can't seem to find it.


Kill all. The tree links show bandits

Supazuryb wrote:
weak damage per second 1.5 million. there is option with damage on bosses 2.5 million. https://youtu.be/Kevf4-JBVho

Uhh the character in that video is not doing more damage then mine is just has less life. Are you perhaps looking at the white mob DPS? mine is also 2.5 mill for that but goes down on boss targets. Its all in a language I can't read so a path of building in english would be needed to actually see anything
I've leveled this to around 30, just playing around with the mechanics. The minion does absolutely insane damage, but seems really clunky with higher target acquisition time than I'd like. On more standard summoner builds you have a large number of builds which tends to overcome this issue.

Does the minion get pierce from somewhere? It doesn't seem like it pierces naturally, I feel like if it did the clear would be amazing... I also feel like minion speed gem would be hugely beneficial!

Anyway, I'll keep leveling it because watching him absolutely chunk bosses when he can get a good shot is fun!
Would conc effect on my RoA be a good idea for small sized bosses ? To keep up the stacks more easly.

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