[3.5] Arcane's Storm Brand Hierophant | 600k DPS per Brand


The 3.5 is finally here and one of the parts of the new content are gems. I mainly focused on the new skill gem Storm Brand, which turned out to be one of the best clearing skills in the game right now (at least for me).

What is Storm Brand?

Storm Brand is a new chaining lightning based skill with not as much base damage as Arc for example, but you can cast 6 (3 without passives on the skill tree and ascendancy) brands simultaneously (each brand having around 600k+ DPS when the build is almost maxed). The brands attach to enemies and you can have maximum of 2 brands attached to 1 enemy (once you get a Runebinder passive). The brand itself casts a smaller and weaker version of Arc.

Why Storm Brand?

Because it's fun and I love experimenting with new gems every league, it's something new and I look forward towards maxing the build.

Will I be able to kill Shaper/Elder with Storm Brand?

That I don't know, we yet have to see how the skill works in high tier maps. So far, I've managed to clear maps up to tier 11 and going up. My gear is around 40c in total and the damage is insane. My guess would be yes, we can kill both Shaper and Uber Elder.

What will our build utilize?

  • Weapon:
    The build itself is pretty simple, our main weapon will be Agnerod West (~6c) which gives us insane damage.

    In the end-game, we aim for +3 staff, preferably crit base with 100%+ Spell/Lightning Damage and Crit. Chance for spells together with Crit. Multiplier - such staff easily gives us 200k DPS improvement.
  • Body Armour:
    The body armour of our choice is definitely Inpulsa's for damage and Belly of the Beast for survivability, both of them are a very good choice.
  • Gloves:
    On gloves, we'll look for "Adds # to # lightning damage against Shocked enemies." and + Maximum Life, if you need more Resistances, you can sacrifice the damage on gloves for Resistances or even have both.
  • Belt, Boots and Helmet
    On Belt, Boots and Helmet, we want as much Resistances and + Maximum Life as possible. On Belt, you also want Cooldown Recovery modifier for our Brand Recall skill. On Boots, you look for either Damage leeched as Life Enchant or additional Elemental Penetration. Life regeneration isn't a bad choice either.
  • Rings
    We'll utilize 2 shaper rings with "#% Increased lightning damage.", "Adds # to # lightning damage to spells and attacks." and "+ Maximum Life" or Normal rings with "+ Maximum Life", Crit Multiplier and "#% Increased lightning damage." - Call of Brotherhood ring is also an option - it lowers our DPS, but gives us 40% of our damage as Cold, which allows for more relaxed playstyle (Chill and Freeze).
    On Amulet, we mainly want "+#% Spell damage", "+ Maximum Life" and Crit Multiplier.
  • Flasks:
    Vessel of Vinktar - gives us additional leech and lightning penetration, it's a very strong flask without a downside for us - We can't be affected by elemental ailments, therefore we can't be shocked and we do not take the increased damage from the flask.

    Diamond Flask - Takes our crits to a whole new level, it's a must-have.

    The Wise Oak - Pretty straight forward - gives us more lightning penetration.

    Karui's Blood or Emergency Life Flask.


Path of Building

I will add links to items and more info about the build once it's finished together with my character in Betrayal.
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What order would you recommend for Ascendency points?
asakawa wrote:
What order would you recommend for Ascendency points?

Definitely Sign of Purpose first, then Illuminated Devotion and Arcane Blessing.

Conviction of Power isn't necessary and you can replace it with something else if you want to.
I'll update the build tomorrow, there are some improvements to passive tree and gear. I didn't expect the build to be this strong though, lacks a bit of survivability and that will be the next thing I'll look at, overall, I think it will be possible to comfortably do Uber Elder with it. We'll see.
Looks great, was looking for a nice Brand build :D
On paper, the build is capable of almost 600k DPS per Brand, which is insane.

I updated the link for PoB
Hey it would be nice if u can make poe for lvl 1-20 20-40 40-60 60-80+ so that we can know what skills to take at what point.

Looks nice and i would like to try it now P.S my first arc build ever ^^
Looks interesting. Could you link your character page for us?
Mr_Knele wrote:
Hey it would be nice if u can make poe for lvl 1-20 20-40 40-60 60-80+ so that we can know what skills to take at what point.

Looks nice and i would like to try it now P.S my first arc build ever ^^

Will do tomorrow.

Izbit wrote:
Looks interesting. Could you link your character page for us?

It's public, you can look now.
Very average softcore build, lowish life, no other form of damage mitigation or life recovery, only one jewel socket and exaggerated damage.

Untick enemy is shocked, set guardians/shaper as enemy and only 184k dmg is left in a best case scenario.

You might wanna check up on other people's build, or rather just copy uberelite and be done with it.

You've tried at least, appreciate that. Also, videos are missing.

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