[3.5] Teleporting Auto Turret with Whispering Ice/Winter Orb/Lighting Warp (aka the WI/WO build)

Poet Pen got nerfed? Ever wanted to become a totem? Looking for a right-click hero? Love turret defence? This may be the guide for you.

Introducing the Teleporting Auto Turret with Whispering Ice/Winter Orb/Lighting Warp (aka the WI/WO build)

[Build Idea Mechanics]
- Leverage on synergy between Whispering Ice (WI) and Winter Orb
- Almost full stack of Winter Orb always
- Ice storm is cast on the spot you are teleporting to, providing covering fire (or ice in this case)
- 5/6L on staff, frees up your body armour slot for things like a Kaom's heart, or any other body armour you want
- Weapon swap for single target (sounds like poet's pen? except it's a six-link version)
- Optional defensive play-style, just teleport away, let winter orb's outstanding range take care of enemies (i.e., irritating syndicate members), or let the enemies run up to your ice storm

[General Idea]
While most folks are playing Winter Orb BV-style, this guide is for the lazy. I bought a 5-L Whispering Ice (WI) on day 2 of the league for only 8c. Similar 6-socket whispering ice were going for 30c!

[Further Explanation]
This build uses the synergy between WI's ice-storm and winter orb via cast-when-channeling (cwc). Socketing in a lightning warp, you can begin teleporting around the map while charging . Technically, you can use other weapons besides whispering ice by socketing lightning warp with cwc and winter orb. However, I think there's much synergy in a 5l/6l whispering ice with winter orb. Could weapon swap for single target and introduce some life leech.

[Build in Progress]
Next up, trying to reduce the lightning warp cd time and make the build more tanky.

This build uses a standard occultist-crit build.

IGN (Standard Betrayal): OroOroObliterate

Video Demo (L63, leveling equip, no body armour)

Example 5l setup used in the video:
Built-in Ice-storm + Winter Orb - Cast When Channeling - Lightning Warp - GMP - Anything else you can afford (I tried Arcane Surge/Faster Casting to try speed up the Lightning Warp, which also synergizes with Winter Orb and Ice Storm. Arcane Surge gives a nice boost in speed and damage.)

Alternatively, you can swap LW for Flame Dash. Downside is you have to wait for charges. Plus side: gives you the appearance that you're driving a hot racing car.

- Working to resolve the speed factor in teleporting. There seems to be a delay between cwc activating LW. Current workaround is to hold down right click for about one-two seconds, once the LW sign appears, let go of the button, repeat.
- Can't proc Winter Orb when you use Charged Dash, probably because it is also channeling
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One major flaw at the moment - doors don't open by themselves (cept in Incursions).

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Thank you man, that's exactly the kind of build i was looking for, but i am not experienced enough to build my own.
Could you add your passive tree to help me try it.
good idea, im doing hiero with many mana nodes and as much intellingence i can get with cwc winter orb, energy shield based, question is, if that lightning warp is worth losing alot dmg supports, you already lost alot dmg with warp and GMP but maybe it would be enough for clear but need to have second staff with boss setup without GMP and warp, i think there is cooldown recovery speed on boots and belt + faster casting support gem and casting on tree should help make it faster. or less duration support

not level 38 yet so no cwc yet, this is my third char and its new

so just reached 38 and this is my actual setup

i feel like there is no room for warp, would loose too much damage
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