[3.5] Pure Winter Orb Occultist - Budget Starter - Damage+Survivability

A budget league starter pure winter orb occultist that can do all the content except elemental reflect map.

30% cold penetrate, 100% incre duration, 40% atk dodge, 30% spell dodge, 150% maximum life, Ele Overload,Mind over Matter, Eldritch Battery to boost mana with es.

6L with greater multiple projectile, cold pen, elemental focus, incre duration, fast cast.*
Can swap out the incre duration and fast cast with cwc and ice spear.
*(can go without incre duration and fast cast if not enuf socket)

Herald of Ice, Frostbite(optional), Enfeeble with Blasphemy(optional)

Use freezing pulse with lesser multiple projecttile and elemental focus until u get winter orb.

Alira (15% resists help alot)


PoE Planner:
Level 79: www.poeurl.com/cbt3

Skill tree flow:
Heart of Ice(cold pen)> Acrobatics(survival)> Potency of Will(incre duration)> Celestial Judgement(cold pen)
Aim for these 4 nodes first, nodes like life and jewel can be added last.

Keystone flow:
Ele Overload(damage)> Acrobatics(survial)> Mind over Matter(survival)> Eldritch Battery(work with Mind over Matter)

Ascendancy flow:
Void Beacon(cold pen)> Figid Wake(survival)> ES node(work with Eldritch Battery)

Gear stat to focus on:
Life, cold/spell/ele damage, resists, cast speed(optional)

Q: Why not critical?

A: 30% cold penetrate is almost double damage, it's better than adding alot of critical nodes. Ended up with like 40% critical chance without spending into fancy gears, who wants that?



A 75% resist mob:

If a mob has 75% resist, i did 25% damage of 100%

Now i give it a 30% resist penetration.

-30 to enemy 75% resist = 45%.

100% damage - 45% resist = 55% damage

I'm doing 55% now

25% * 2 = 50%

I'm doing double damage.

The higher the mob resistance, the more significant the damage multiple.

Q: Why not area node?

A: I rather spend few points into damage nodes than much points into area nodes.

Q: How effective is this?

A: Home act bosses under 1 minutes with no pressure. Shotgun creeps.

Q: Is it tanky?

A: It's a MAGE.

It's budget since no gear require to boost es nor critical.

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Where is your gear? When do you plan on having the build guide complete?

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