[3.5] Winter orb CwC Ice spear

Disclaimer: This is a WORK IN PROGRESS from the beginning of betrayal league

Winter orb is the first channelled cold skill that has been released. As such, it seemed like a perfect fit for a cast when channel for the recently reworked ice spear. Since this is a fairly new skill, there are many unknowns and so lots of trial and error will be needed on my part to establish a good build. This guide will be an running update on what I have done so far and when I have reached the point where the build is looking mostly complete, I will flesh out this post to be more of a guide.

Current setup : https://pastebin.com/JTej56yz

Shaper guardians and full shaper run: https://youtu.be/Z4hGYV9HVT8

Gear breakdown

The only required unique is the Fenumus' Shroud

This chest gives the flat ES regen to keep your ES pool up while channelling, since just relying on ES recharge isn't enough as Eldritch Battery now has "50% less Energy shield recharge rate" The chest also increases the radius of your spider webs and reduces their damage taken. The reduced elemental resistances doesn't help us since we are Inquisitor and we always ignore a mobs resistances.

Other uniques used can for the most part be swapped out for rares depending on what you need or prefer.

Mutewind Whispersteps are a nice damage boots for the boots slot. You could use kaom's roots if you feel the need for a bigger life pool or even just a rare pair of boots with life, resistances and movespeed.

Shadows and dust are a nice mapping pair of gloves due to giving you rampage. They also offer crit multi, which is the biggest source of damage for ice spear.

Helm is a relatively easy fossil craft, hopping for an open prefix and suffix. The suffix is for a beat craft for Aspect of the spider. The prefix is for a master craft, either a life roll if you want more ehp or the "#% phys damage taken as fire" bench craft. The "Ice spear fires an additional projectile" is the best helm enchant for the build.

As for weapon and shield, since Ice spear has a huge 600% increased critical strike chance in second form, we don't need to get spell critical chance. The stats of value are cold/spell damage and critical multiplier with an open prefix to master craft "gain as extra chaos damage" mod.

Amulet needs to have the temple mod "of Puhuarte" which gives cold damage leeched as life. This would be ideal to get along with some spell/cold damage, life and crit multi.

One of the rings will want to be an Assassin's mark on hit ring. The other ring slot can be used to fill resist gaps, life and damage.

Lastly for belt, a fossil crafted stygian with life, cold damage and elemental damage is best. Otherwise just life and resistances.

Flasks are pretty straight forward. Diamond flask isn't really necessary but it helps your clear out by making it more likely for your winter orb to crit. Dying sun is a big boost to both winter orb and ice spear. Then just a basalt for some phys mitigation and quicksilver for movement.

Gem links

Main link: Winter orb - Cast while channelling - Ice Spear - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Hypothermia _ Controlled Destruction

Herald of Ice - Increased Critical Strikes chance - Ice Bite - Onslaught

Vortex - Bonechill - Increased Area of Effect

Shield charge - Faster attacks - Fortify

Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - Cold snap

Vaal righteous fire - Increased duration

Decoy totem - Arctic armour - Flame dash (Fit this in wherever you have slots)

Week 1 progress

Up until I got my tabula from blood aquaducts, I was self cast ice spear with self cast winter orb, only switching to CwC once tabula has been aquired. I tested out Eldritch battery but decided against it untill I have gotten the spider chest since the base ES regen is nowhere near enough to keep the chanel going.
Day 2 items

Day 3
A few upgrades to gear, most notabley we now have an assassins mark ring for power charges. This lets us replace inc crit in the links, turns out at 99% crit chance, inc crit doesnt really help. Since now the gear is mostly OK for now, all investment will be made towards getting the spider chest. Survivability is starting to struggle as I approach T10 maps and as such, getting the spider chest for both the aspect buff as well as enabaling EB/MoM will make a large boost to survivability.

Day 4 and 5
So this is where things started to really fit together. Done some changes to my skill set up and finally got the spider chest for some better effective health pool. I no longer think the second set of duration nodes are needed which frees up quite a few points. I think the next upgrades will be higher ES helm and probably replace the boots with ES based boots aswell. I have replaced vaal coldsnap and frost bomb. The aoe on vaal coldsnap was not large enough to have it in my links and now is replaced by vaal righteous fire, which is a significant single target boost. Frost bomb is not needed as an arcane surge generator since it actualy doesnt really help as an inquisitor. This has been replaced with a 4L vortex-arcansurge-aoe-bonechill which has been working out much better for a bonechill and arcane surge procvcer since its instant.

End of week 1
So at this point, I am feeling confident in the builds potential now. EB with the spider chest is working wonders with survivability. The downside to this is whenever I pop vaal RF, I lose ALL ES which is a big chunk of EHP as well as my mana pool to cast from. I still think its worth it, since its a skill you pop to blast down a boss/syndicate and you just play a "kill or be killed" playstyle. Managed to kill a level 81 area mastermind. The first attempt was a few days prior and without spider chest and the aspect. With these changed, I managed to take some of the big hits without instantly dying, which is great for learning a fight. For now, I feel the build is "done" and its just about getting better rolled items.

Week 2 progress
From this point onwards it is just crafting and upgrading rares. Replacing the boots most likely to enable a big damage shield/ring. I did shaper and it was really easy and clean. I tanked a slam and lived, so the effective health pool is sufficient. Once some of the rares are set up, I will be attempting uber elder. Red tier elder was a lot harder than shaper, the ice projectiles hit REALLY hard and was the main struggle with this build.

So I started to work on upgrades, beginning with helm. This was an easy fossil craft. Using pristine and metallic (can use any of the 3 elements for whichever res you need). All you are looking for is the life/life% hybrid and the res of choice. Then you get the spider aspect added and then either craft on a life roll or get the "#% physical damage taken as fire damage" crafted.

Shield is fairly easy to get. You don't really need the spell crit since ice spear is basically 100% crit and that is the main focus here. Having an open prefix to bench craft the "Gain #% of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage" then you are just after life and spell/cold damage. Suffixes can be anything; res, max res, cast speed whatever fits your needs.

As for jewellery, you really need the temple cold leech mod, so getting this one upgraded will take a while (or be very expensive). Fossil crafting a stygian vise with pristine + prismatic + frigid to create a damage focused belt. Then ring slots are open just life and filling in all your missing res, one will need to be an assassin's mark on hit ring.

All of this progression will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/cajoos and will be updating this post regularly to hopefully turn it into a full build once things are more worked out.
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Im playing this myself atm but as elementalist and WO/CWC/LW for mapping, WO/CWC/Ice Spear for bossing. Going for 7link CWC Staff for red maps, since CWC LW already takes 4 gem slots to feel good, basically leaving WO only with GMP right now, which is enough for now but who knows.

char: WinterKorb
current char in pob https://pastebin.com/4ueeRQ2h
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I feel elementalist will be a better mapper, due to the chaining for herald of ice. I chose to go more down the single target route as I plan to take this all the way to uber elder and so going inquis felt like a stronger route for that.
I started into betrayal league with plans for a Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear Inquisitor as well. While leveling, I used Magma Orb at first, then swapped over to Storm Brand for packs and Ice Spear for single target. Winter Orb by itself didn't feel that great, so I stuck with the Storm Brand until I got my CwC gem. I didn't really get that far over the weekend, so I'm only about level 50, and I just equipped a Sire of Shards. My Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear setup is only a 4 link at the moment, so GMP is my only real support gem. So far I'm pretty happy with it, and the Path of Building damage numbers seem promising.
CAJOS wrote:
I feel elementalist will be a better mapper, due to the chaining for herald of ice. I chose to go more down the single target route as I plan to take this all the way to uber elder and so going inquis felt like a stronger route for that.

Yeah i think inqui is better for that endgame singletarget stuff. I wasnt quite sure how many AOE i would need to actually get good shotgunning going, so i went for elementalist AOE to be on the safe side.
Clearing is a breeze as inquis, for sure it would be insane if you just put an inpulsa on as ele but HoI clears very fluidly right now. It is in a 4L as HoI - inc crit - ice bite - onslaught. I have vaal rf now and my single target is pretty good now, it feels as if i was single targeting as barrage, except im spell casting :)
Question, why are you using arcange surge when you have eldericht battery ?
it gives 10% more spell damage. Not a lot, but its still "free" since i use vortex for bonechill aswell. The mana regen didnt really benefit before I went EB since WO mana cost is pretty low. If there are other options, I am open to them since I am continually tweaking to see what works and what doesn't.

edit: turns out you have to spend actual mana for arcane surge to trigger. Testing out duration but may just move gems about to get duration on the vaal righteous fire
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love this one. lvl 72 now. fun levling it, and fun starting maps. But, im so squish in tabula and only got a 5 link spider armor. So my question is, what gem to remove for a 5 link ? curently trying without crit gem
Oh I was real squish too while still using a tabula. I am not sure how to make it feel better before getting the chest and EB/MoM set up, probably really want to get cold leech on the amulet.

As for gems, firstly, inc crit is not needed at all. Since the primary focus here is the ice spear, its second form is 99% crit chance already, even with controlled destruction in. For a 5L, I would probably go with winterorb>cwc>ice spear>gmp>hypo. I got my 6L by getting hillock in fortification so i could get 28% quality, then just pumped fuses till it linked ^^

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