[3.5] Dual Pen CoC [ 9 spells]

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Wow, that is some serious dps mate, congrats! I had two questions:

1. Would this build, or similar, be effective as deadeye?

2. May I ask what proportion you'd guess of your dps comes from the stacking of elemental damage for your barrage attacks versus from your spells themselves? I ask because all your jewels have flat ele damage on them - so you've clearly focused on that as a source of dps.

Thanks, and gz again!
Imagine having full mirrored gear on standard and taking 13 seconds to kill minotaur.
Hey bud, the videos look awesome.

I was wondering if you could recommend a different chest/ammy for starting out with this. Everything else in the build seems manageable to obtain besides that.

Thanks in advance!
does your build have any resists? or is vinktars carrying you
Really cool Build.... any chance we get it on POB
Great build. I'm having a hard time to find this kind of necklace, belt and helmet. Any chance you to add replacements for them, untill we can provide something that good?
Was impressed until I saw this is from Standard league.
Farrul's Fur required? Or can you use alternative armor?

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