[3.5] Champ HoAg [2.9m+] [Uber Killed] [Every map mod]

frasdockan wrote:
The thing is the physical mitigation. Because of the builds generally low phys reduction, one hit in higher map tiers and you're dead. I liked the build, but I gotta figure out how to fix the phys mitigation effective hp.

You're sitting on a massive amount of actual flat Damage mitigation with fortify and to top it off your banner gives Improved Fortify which you can improve out the nose with all the +% improved aura effects. You can get a fortify that is over 60% full on Damage on hit reduction which is for all types of damage. The 4L cyclone that i'm currently using with a ton of life on hit can be changed to give fortify 100% of the time and improved on banner use. There is a ton of different play styles you can use and improve on. Once Monday afternoon rolls around I'll be sure to upload some nice videos of what I mean in terms of that variability.

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