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I skipped Delve after my game kept crashing when I visited piety (I made a forum post about it then), but now I'd like to compete in Betrayal. I just read the patch notes and after plugging in my numbers from POB I am going from 2m+ dps to half of that.

I guess I am just too used to stat sticks but, it doesn't seem to matter what weapon I equip. Currently I am using my mirrored weapon from Incursion league as main hand and when I drop stat stick and add in nothing it goes to 25% dmg, when I add in the same mirrored weapon it is at just over 50% (half) of my original damage.. When I plug in any other secondary weapon for dual wield it still remains around 50%. It doesn't even seem to matter what weapon (at least not by much) I choose for my secondary.

So, should dual wielding be skipped entirely? That seems to be a pretty big nerf. Never seen a complete 50% dmg nerf on anything in any game with no compensation, or did I miss something?

I prefer melee and also I like to dual wield, although I am not opposed to two-handers either.
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knowing the skill and supports youre using would be helpful ...
well if you into something lax, 2H Melee Weapon based Chieftain undoubtedly got the one of the biggest buffs from this patch.

multiple totems is a direct 1.53x multiplier when used on any main skill on a 2nd 6 link again.

Suppose skill base dmg = 100,
say you had in link 1 AWT - Melee phys -> 150 dmg.
-> 2 totems = 300 dmg.

Now you can have:
Wep link 1 AWT - Melee phy
Chest link 2 APT - Multiple totem -> 80 dmg. (160 total for 2 totems)
total is 460 dmg compared to before of 300 dmg.
Now protector has a 20% more AS buff!
so you get 552 total dmg vs before of 300 dmg. that's a x1.84 more dps for the melee chieftain at the sacrifice of a 2nd 6l.

Edit: Oops I meant any melee totem build with a base of 2 totems, don't need to use Chieftain. for any other originally 2 totem build with a spare 6l that is still a x1.53 more dmg, not bad.
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