[3.5] WIP - It's a Deadeye With CoC and Balls!

WIP, to consider. Thanks to @AceRecon.

It's been a while since my last ranger bow build here:

In process of UPDATING TODAY 12/12/18

For 3.5, PoB work in progress:


CoC(bow)-Barrage-Magma Orb-Ice Spear-Ele Focus-GMP-Slow Proj

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Looks interesting. Can you maybe add sample items and jewels (+positions) to the PoB?
I’ve done some more testing and it feels this is definitely feasible. I am in mobile so will update the OP with current build tonight or tomorrow.

Barrage-CoC-Magma Orb-Ice Spear (or Frostbolt) - Added Cold Damage (if quill rain) - one of Crit Strikes/LMP/Added Lightning

Gathering Winds
Far Shot

Bandits: help Alira

Weapon - Quill Rain (alternatively Roth’s, Reach of the Council or a good CoC rare)
Helm - Farrul’s Bite (for the crit, blind and other stuff) - ideally with magma orb or barrage arrows enchant
Amulet - Effigon (blind enemies can’t evade), or gloomfang for the dps!
Belt - Gluttony
Gloves - Maligaro’s Virtuosity or Tombfist
Chest - Tabula (start) or Loreweave (end game)
Quiver - Maloney’s (with projectile damage on chains corruption) or good rare quiver with +1-2 arrows
Rings - Deodre’s, and a rare with life and resists
Boots - Rares with MS, life and resists
Jewels - Intimidate for magma orb and frostbolt threshold jewel of using frostbolt

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Updated PoB for my current 90.


Killing red map syndicate members in just a few seconds, even if all three of them are three star. Bosses die in a few seconds.
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