Map device causes disconnections need fix before league start

2 times today when adding a map to device and open it, it cause the game to disconnect when trying to travel to map through portal.

You can go fast into the game again and try again. You can simply not use the map you keep getting dc until all portals are used.

If it were a unique map ill get pretty pis... but thankfully its only rare maps it have happend to.

You should really fix this before league start, so other dont loose there maps like I do before even enter them.

The first map was Dungeon t1, the other were Graveyard t1, if it help anything.

Last bumped on Dec 6, 2018, 7:38:13 PM
Same happened to me 2 times so far.

1st was a T16 elder graveyard and now a TUL breach, all portals disconnect me.

After using all portals and being disconnected 6 times, I put in another map and it opens with no issues.

Please fix this, only happening after last update.
Update to topic it also happens when making new character and log in to get startet at the loading screen same happens the game disconnects. I needed to delete character and make a new one to get in the game....
It even get worse i cant enter my hideout anymore get disconnected there aswell...omg
Hey, thanks for letting us know! We'll take a look at what might be happening here.
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Queen of Padlocks
Maybe found out whats doing it. I turned off Vsync and at seems to work again, other have done the same, so there must be a problem with Vsync enabled
Its not vsync, havent had that on ever, and it just started today for me, its happened 3 times and doesnt matter if I re-log, change servers or change characters. Waste currency, put map in...cross fingers... This needs to be fixed asap
So many scrolls, so little time...

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