Potential mirrorworthy life belt in Progress, need advice.

I started crafting a lifebelt (ilvl 85 elder leatherbelt) last league, intentionally for my lifebased RF build.
I managed to get the following prefixes:

20-30% increased Firedamage (fossil)
90-99 to maximum life (T4-max on belt)
8-10% increased maximum life (T1-Elder)

I already used... lets say a lot of currency trying to get the following suffixes:

16-20% increased life recovery Rate (T1-Elder)
any T1 res / T1 strength / T1 flaskduration.

Since im not very familliar with a lot of builds or crafting a mirroritem i was wondering if any other suffix combinations could be mirrorworthy for other lifebased builds that use fire dmg, like moltenstrike builds maybe?
I'd be happy for any opinions or advices for this crafting process.

Since this is my first forum post feel free to tell me if i posted in at the wrong place or if i didnt follow some rules.

I will add a link as soon as i figure out how.
Update, i did it!

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