[3.5] Flame Surge + Shock, Frost Nova and Discharge | Kitava's Thirst Build | League Starter

Welcome. Sit down, make yourself comfortable.

I make wacky builds, testing mechanics, trying to make use of things that usually never see the light of the day. But there are 2 requirements to every build i make and these two are: Cheap but Effective. I want every build i make to be considered a league starter of sorts but with the potential to grow without mirror worth gear.

So here we are with a build i attempted to make in Incursion. Mana Sparkler!


This build is an attempt at using "Kitava's Thirst" as my core item. After abandoning it in Incursion i picked it up and improved on the idea further and made it work. I successfully cleared T12 maps without much difficulty with Temp chains on me (didn't have any more materials to go further, i am poor in standard). As long as you don't have a habit of face tanking you should be fine. While T12 doesn't say much of it's power, it was with pretty bad items just as a test character to see how well it would work in higher tier maps!

Anyways, this build is focused on massive amounts of cast speed reaching about 11 spells cast per second to make Kitava's Thirst proc as often as possible while playing with Frenzy/End/Power charges and auto-casting Discharge, Frost Nova, Shock Nova.

But you might ask "Dyler, why would you ever use shock nova?" Well Billy, because we like explosions around here and there is no other nova spell.

I have included 2 different ways to level with this build, i would recommend using Spark as it's high mana cost will enable you to proc Kitava's Thrist as soon as you get it so you can have fun pretty early. But if you are here for insanity, there is Flame Surge right there for you (this one will throw out the maximum number of spells possible.)

Your ultimate goal with this build once you reach maps is to get an "Profane Wand" shaped with the mod "Spending 200 mana gives you Power Charge". Maximum Priority on this stat, secondary is cast speed. This is where you will also get Doedre's Malevolence to pump your mana costs right back up. Consider carefully if you should get Carcass Jack or Cloak of Defiance as your chest piece. There is also possibility for you to use "Fevered Mind" jewels to get your mana costs up and then use the new glove "Worldcarver" for maximum shenanigans. What does it do? Who knows?! But probably more explosions and that's what we want!

There are a few words in the notes section of the build.
Last bumped on Dec 8, 2018, 6:09:58 AM
Definitely looks like a fun build, and one I'm thinking of trying out. I'm wondering though, does this have any way to fight bosses decently? Not expecting a bosskiller but it looks a bit grim. All your charge-generation is on-kill besides the PC/200 mana, so Discharge isn't doing much on many bosses. The only ignite source I see is Discharge, and it requires ECs to do fire damage which you seem to only be generating through killing enemies. And even then it's a meagre 13% chance on hit, so you need enough trash mobs for about 8 or so EC-boosted Discharges every 4 seconds to have reasonable uptime. So Flame Surge itself will also do pretty crummy damage, no?

Any suggestions for alternateïve trigger spells against bosses perhaps?

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