Arctic Breath Build - Looking for advice and help

Here is the tree I have mapped out so far. I know it needs work, and I am curious what people think. Ideally i want to use arctic breath in a 6 link, as it is my main ingredient for destruction, and perhaps a 2nd big link (5-6 using a 2h wep?) for winter orb or something?

This thread is meant to be friendly and will be kept friendly, no negativity or mean replies to people's suggestions

My passive tree so far looks like this:

I focused alot on ES%, Damage over time, cold damage, and increasing my mana pool for MoM, so that we have a second layer of defense. I dont know what gear I intend to use yet, or what links, I am still working on it. I just wanna get my tree down and branch from there if that makes sense.

Also please list off uniques/jewels that would be ideal to a cold DoT build. I am thinking of using Rimegaze so i can put a single target spell inside it, and perhaps Incandescent heart for the bonus dmg + it saves 1 passive point and negates a big chunk of damage taken. Im curious what other items we could use!
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