Informal & quick (3.4) LL Elementalist spell crit ball Lightning guide

Hello everyone.

The primary reason for this post is to clarify that elementalist is #1 ascendancy choice for a ball lightning build. I haven't seen this significant aspect anywhere on other posts so here I've to explain it myself.

Looking for the best ascendancy option for a LL spell crit ball lightning build? Look no furter as elementalist is the #1 choice and superior over other choices.

Ball lightning is a unique gem where its dps benefits directly from increased area of effect. The "pendelum of destruction" ascendancy works greatly with this skill. Let it be increased damage or increased area of effect coming from the pendelum, ball lightning will always crush bosses.

I was going to try an assassin for a LL spell crit ball lightning build but then I've conceived the pendulum of destruction of the elementalist. Moreover, we get (100%) reflect immunity with the elementalist (though assasin still gets a valuable, partial reflect immunity). Also, elementalist gets %25 penetration with herald of thunder. It is superior to other ascendancy choices.

I've crushed shaper "easily" (single death just in the first phase) (84k-95k tooltip dps with 3 power charges, arcane surge and 2 golems but without any flasks) with just diamond flask up.

Why am I not making a complete guide? There are several major reasons. First, Betrayal & 3.5 patch is one day ahead. Second, I've legacy ES gear on myself. They are nowhere mirror or +50ex worthy (in standard) es gear but they are still legacy and I should make further thinking & tinkering for the current 3.4 patch. Third, I've some nice spell crit gear & unnatural instinct jewel which further increases the budget cost my gear. When I create a end content viable build guide, I want its gear cost to be relatively cheap. (In fact, I've already created such a build: Whispering Ice & Firestorm Totem EE build )

My current gear:


Level 96 Passive Tree (this build has directly arisen from a total passive tree respec)

I've gone for raw damage with elemental focus, controlled destruction & lightning penetration support gems (as can be seen in my 6L chest). In particular BL cannot shock and trigger the herald of thunder.

However, orb of storms shocks and trigger the herald very well. Moreover, it generates power charges and curses enemies with Warlord which provides life & mana leech.

The flame and lightning golem provide large boost to dps and they are usually up in boss fights when linked to a level 20 cwdt gem. Link them to cwdt and don't ever bother self casting them anymore!

Ball lightning & elementalist is like the chicken-egg situation. Does the egg come out the chicken or the chicken out of the egg. In our case, is the elementalist ascendancy created for the ball lightning spell or vice versa?

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