Introducing the Armoury Extension on Twitch

Should be working now! There's a new link in the news post. Sorry for the wait.
You have been very creative with these past few updates. I appreciate how much effort you put into facilitating interactions between the more popular exiles and the rest of the community.
trying on RaizQT stream and not working for me
browser: Firefox 63.0

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sounds great. Will it work with the twitch app on android? Probably should look it up myself and not be lazy hehe
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alkaizer you can use it now

Usually we just tell people to just LOOK IT HIS PROFILE -.-
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Seems to be working fine. The only problem i noticed is that the bar is too large to work properly in smaller monitors outside fullscreen, would be better to be smaller and then expand when you click it
Yeah not working on stream it just shows an error when trying to show gear.
It's working for me, but I need to go fullscreen to see everything.
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Any chance you will bring back the Chat function for ppl who are streaming to be able to "see & answer" the chat from ingame?

edit; and ofc this new function is dope! awesome!
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