Asking for advice & help: 3.4 RF EE PB Freezing Pulse Chieftain

This post would have been a build guide but my attempts and theory crafting has unfortunately failed miserably. The damage is weak and defense is not great either. I can kill three guardians but not Chimera's snakes or shaper. Moreover, some unique items cost 1ex or more in standard. I'm hereby asking for advices and feedback.

My main goal with this build was to utilize both RF and EE for spell casting so that I've chosen Chieftain and built around Kitava's Thirst unique item. RF Chieftain calls for 2 x Kaom's Way rings.

Triggering with Kitava's thirst is problematic so that I've chosen to equip it with blade vortex. Blade vortex is a duration spell which works all right with increased duration gem and also, increased duration passives in the passive tree. Blade vortex gains fire damage from chieftain so that we are left with either a cold or lightning damage for our main 6-link EE spell.

As Blade vortex puts us into a melee range, I've chosen freezing pulse spell. I've put frost bomb into kitava to magnify the damage. I've further taken point blank as another ace.

I've taken the Repentance gloves with iron will which increases the damage tremendously.

The chest is Atziri's splendor. It is an armor chest that is easy to chrom for 4B2G. Moreover, it has many nice bonuses. 100 mana on kill helps a lot in maps to sustain kitavas thirst.

My gear:


Level 93 Passive Tree

I've had too much hope for this build. It looks beautiful in theory with 8 unique items but disappointing in practice :(. A melee spell caster without fortiyf. 5.8k life with some armor and 6 x endurance charges don't help much. What looks nice is the high fire resistance but the build is still squishy :(

Thank you for advices & feedback.

Aside: I've rolled quickly a LL lvl 96 elementalist (with full tree passive respec) with a single unique item (shav) and it is hell more powerful. 1 unique items vs 8 uniques! It has spell crit. gear and passives and took down shaper easily (84-95k tooltip ball lightning dps with pendelum of destruction).
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