[3.5] Cast on Crit Poet´s Pen (My first build) any help is appriciated!

Hey everybody!

So after watching patch notes and at the end of last league I discovered this "new" to me amazing wand called Poet´s Pen that is just ridiculous fun imo.. but I instantly thought.. hey with CoC update couldn´t I combine these and make something really ridiculous?
I´ve been playing for quite some time but never tried to actually make my own build before. Id say im like the average newb who still hasn´t done endgame bosses.

But this league Im trying to think on my own and build something interesting for myself after seeing the patch notes etc.

I just wanna ask for some guidence as I think this build could be awesome if I can make it work..

I havent put any real specific uniques into the build yet other then Poet´s Pen-s. Right now im wondering if I have enough crit and accuracy to make this work..

Feel free to recommend uniques for this or crafting mods, jewels etc.

Here is the patebin: https://pastebin.com/Li2sgXjk
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Not really a top player but a few suggestions as i have played around with cast on crit before the big nerf (shatterchuck) and poets pen in different builds.
I wont go much into details but a couple suggestions might help u out:

1. level using selfcast arc/BV
2. think hard about using assasin as a character, its usually far easier to stack crit then res pen -> i would go inqisitor for the start of the league
3. Different cooldowns of cast on crit (0.15s) and poets pen (0.25) may impact the playstyle...

I would use mainly the poets pens as damage source (classic arc/lightning warp/ball lightning) and CoC as an additional source of damage if u have a 6 link and no vaalskill for it/ and u are critcapped.

Your Char might not be the best choice to start the league with simply due to high gear requirements.

U would need 2 PP, an elder ring with Warlordsmark on hit and a ton of crit/critmulti on ur other gear. If u really want to make CoC work without a lyco u will also have to scale accuracy.
Im not sure if Indigon is still worth it, but might be another item to think about.
Add ur resists and life on top of those requirements and the necessary equipment to make this build work might get really expensive.

I changed ur tree a bit to my liking (basically a boring "classic" PPen Tree):

177% life -> Should be enough to get u at least through yellow maps with mind over matter
129% Mana
5 jewel slots -> allow u to push ur damage and survivability
Acro and Phase Acro, although not really reliable, just add another layer of defense

Take all of those suggestions with a grain of salt, because there are already a ton of PPbuilds out there (look those up) and im usually not one who pushes deep into endgame.
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