[3.5]Want to create the Diablo 2 Blink Nova sorceress looking for feedback.

My favourite build from D2 was always the Blink Nova Sorceress, with instant teleporting and massive nova cast speed, I've been wanting to create that in POE for a while now but the nova skills were lackluster, now with Poets Pen and 3.5 Ice Nova I think my time has finally come. (While I think Arctic Breath looks stronger because of the synergy with DOT, I still want to go Ice Nova for the nostalgia).

So here is what I have planned:

Occultist Ascendancy with Void Beacon for the new -20 cold resist, Forbidden Power for Power Charge generation and Area of Effect / Damage.
Then I am unsure if I want to go Curse or Energy shield path.
I am leaning towards curse path to run triple curse with Heretics Veil/Blood Magic and going low life. Obviously Temporal Chains to synergise with the chill effect, Frostbite for offensive potential and Enfeeble while wearing Pandemonius https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Pandemonius to benefit from Enfeeble/Blind interaction. Because I am low life I think chest has to be Shavronne. Weapons would have to be Dual Poets Pen for fast Lighting Warp / Ice Nova with maybe switching one Pen for Frost Bolt in boss fights to take advantage of the ice nova interactions.

My Questions are:

Am I building a glass cannon? Will the Curse mechanic + as much energy shield I can get safe my ass? Factoring in Malediction and Enfeeble I should have some damage reduction going at least. Would it be better to drop Enfeeble (or even frostbite?) and go the Occultist Vile Bastion path?

Can you maybe think of an entirely different way to achieve the build goal (Blink Nova) than Poets Pen?

Is Low Life a bad choice? Again worried about glass cannon - would CI with a different chest be better? Or even hybrid?

Any other feedback you can think of is welcome.
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