[3.5] Heavy Strike Herald Of Agony Jugg

First time doing a build tutorial :)
Sorry for my bad english.

High life
Stun/slow immunity ( jugger ascendancy )
One shot packs and move fast( a lot of AS! )
Good lab runner
Do all content

Melee ( need to be skillable to do some bosses like: Aul and U/Elder )
Clear speed not so strong
Need to switch gem setup ( to do boss/clear maps )
Not the strongest league starter


Life leech can be suitable, if u dont like it.
I put some itens and skills gem.



Belly of the beast -> Try to pick max HP u can on this

Abyssus -> Try to pick min physical damage taken on this

Tombfist -> Try to pick a 2 abyssal jew on this.

The abyssal jews stats (perfect ones):
Flat phys with sword
Attack speed
Maximum life

You can trade flat phys for Movespeed or Accuracy(more AS)

Any rare boots with: High HP, Movespeed and res.

Carnage Heart -> Try to pick max increased damage while leeching

Becouse u will be leeching all the time, so, its a 40% more damage.

Any rare rings with:
High HP, Attack speed, flat phys and Dextery or inteligence ( i will explain that )
If u get a res on that u should be fine, DEX and INT extremely necessary.

Stygian vise with: High HP, all res.
Jew explained on tombfist part.

Ascendancy order:

First: Undeniable ( most part of DPS comes from here )
Second: Unstopable ( Movespeed and stun/freeze imunity )
Third: Unflinching ( End charges interaction )
Last one: Unyielding ( More damage )

Skill gem setup:

You can use a 6l belly or 6l starfoge.

Single target:
Heavy Strike
Melee physical damage

Heavy Strike
Melee physical damage
*Melee Splash ( before: Ruthless )
*Ancestral Call ( before: Maim )

If u have 2 starforges u can use the setup for Single Target:
Heavy Strike (red)
Brutality (red)
Melee physical damage (red)
Culling strike (green)
Ruthless (red)
Multistrike (red)

Boots setup:
CWDT + immortal call + increased duration + Flame or ice golem

I prefer Ice golem becouse Accuracy = AS = +DPS
And Critical chance.

Flame golem will give u a boost damage too(but less).

Gloves setup:
determination + enlighten

On your belly or starfoge:
U will build arround Herald of agony.
Herald of Agony + Pierce + Minion Damage + Vile Toxins + Damage on Full Life + Minion Speed

You will supply the dex/int from rings.

Helmet setup:
Leap slam ( will be your move skill )
Faster Attacks
Blood magic

Jew stats:

2 Weight of the empire.
( Global phys damage and 20% chance to deal double damage )
Will give u 20% global phys damage and 40% chance to deal double damage.

On rares you are looking for that:
Increased maximum life
Attack speed with swords
Attack speed
Increased physical damage with two handed melee
Increased global physical damage
Increased physical damage with sword
Increased critical chance with two handed sword

Increased maximum life ( Extremely necessary on every jew )
Attack speed with swords or Attack speed or attack speed with two handed swords ( u can switch for critical chance )
Increased physical damage with two handed melee or Increased global physical damage or Increased physical damage with sword ( u can switch for critical chance )

If u can afford: A double determination Prismatic Jew with:
Phys Reduction and more armor or unaffected by vulnerability.

Lab enchant on helmet:
U can choise: 40% more damage, 12% AS or 12% chance to deal double damage.
All are good, i prefer more damage.
Buy the cheap one ( all are extremely cheap ).

Flask Setup:

Blood of the karui ( use a life flask if u dont have )
Lions roar ( try to get more physical damage u can )
Silver flask ( try to get Movespeed on this )
Sulphur flask ( try to get movespeed on this )
Atziris Promise or coralito's, but i dont like the degen and don't deal extra damage on crit.

U will be able to do all content with that, have a good DPS Single target and Clear. Sustain with Leech to do boss fight, and everything is cheap, i guess with 13ex u can buy every piece (Belly(3ex) and Starfoge(5ex) 6l are the expensive part).

Dont forgot: On rings u need to pick Dex and Int, to level up the herald of agony support gems, the herald will be a huge boost for ur damage.

Last bumped on Dec 14, 2018, 5:51:04 PM
Thanks for the guide. Heavy Strike is my favorite skill, and I've been wondering about a build using one of the newer heralds. I'd been thinking of going purity, but I'll give this a shot, first.

Do you have any sort of general order on which nodes to prioritize, or is it just a "follow the path as you get to it," sort of thing?

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