[3.5] Hideout budget farmer ---Hardсore Viable--- League Starter

Hi guys! This is my new build for those who want to fast farm hideout without investing a lot of currency.

***Considering the last nerf of melee classes, I consider it is my duty to provide players an alternative scenario of character development.***

This assembly is able to clean any shelter at any level of the master.
Cheap start in the league.
Also you do not need to go through any maze and get a profession.
Playing hardcore leagues, you can at any time convenient for you to reduce the difficulty level of the game and go to the standard.

Slots under the characters are quickly hammered if you play in a hardcore league.


The bottom line is that you get to the forefathers at the touch of a button. To do this, you need to do a few simple things:
1) Learn the CI passive skill (this is a key skill in building this assembly)

2) Get a unique Gluttony Leather Belt
3) Associate the auxiliary skill of blood magic with any active skill that will interact with it.
As a result of using the CI skill, you will lower your health level to 1 unit, after which you apply the Gluttony belt, you will get rid of the energy shield, and as a result you will be able to quickly and effectively clean up your hideout...


Marauder https://pastebin.com/WERsZkkK

Duelist https://pastebin.com/Dugmknzm

Ranger https://pastebin.com/KXeRVLpF

Scion https://pastebin.com/qmwXzpS1

Shadow https://pastebin.com/Gs8YrXuE

Templar https://pastebin.com/4fVnnxiY

Witch https://pastebin.com/K5Q4Lu2x

Atlas Viable:
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this is what I was looking for
i need to try it in hc league i think
Nice build. Will try it on HC.
This is way to OP. I think Mathil will steal your build and later GGG will nerf it.
Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?
khffadik wrote:
Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

No, this is a fully working build that does not depend on leagues and fully performs all the functions stated in the description.
But ... why?
Nice new meta build. TY vm !!
VidarNanowish wrote:
Nice new meta build. TY vm !!

Thanks for the feedback!
Be sure to try this in the new league =)
It will be harder to make this build on SSF. :'(

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