[3.4] 800 Delve SSF Occultist Herald of Agony Build +Shaper(deathless) +Red Elder +ALL MAP MODS

Character Info
POB LINK -> https://pastebin.com/MsJ0Kiee

Weapon Swap for hard targets. Culling Strike and more casts of Lightning Ball for more poisoning.

Example Videos

This build is based on Vile Bastion+Malediction+CI+Enfeeble+Knockback as its base defense. We will not be in the thick of it with this exile. The plan will be to stand outside of delve nodes while our immortal pet kills everything. The delve is a great place for this character because the abundance of enemies keeps our ES regen high. Up to 30% per second. This is crucial as our build does not leach ES or have a large amount of ES regen without Vile Bastion or Vaal Discipline.
--2 main reasons I enjoy ES in Delve--
1.) CI - Chaos Immunity is really nice when delving in biomes that produce chaos puddles. Also reduces the amount of sources of damage my character takes to 2 types. This gives you extra benefit if you can use Incandescent Heart and/or Darkscorn. With CI and these two uniques we effectively are reducing all damage our exile takes by 25%.
2.) ES Delve Crafting is so easy. Most of the items I have equipped were made in one session or less. (ie SSF viable and easily farmed without insane time investment. We love good returns on time spent

Curse Setup
This build relies on curses to do a bunch of the heavy lifting.
1.)Blasphemy+Enfeeble is used to ensure any enemy close enough for melee has its damage greatly reduced.
2.)Curse on Hit + Poacher's Mark is used to give our crawler frenzy stacks.
Charges on pets are super charged! Huge DPS gain and gives flask charges back faster too for icing.
3.)Curse on Hit + Projectile Weakness provides a 7th link for the crawler pet as Pierce and also provides knockback to Ball Lightning which can help keep melee attackers away

+Super Easy to Play
+Immune to Stun, and Freeze if you have Dream Fragments
+Can Run any map mod (See Mapping Section)
+Reached 800 depth in SSF (See Delving Guide Section)
+Built in SSF so uniques are not mandatory *mostly used to make a tanky spec even more tanky
+Delve crafting very easy (see Delve Drafting section)
+Mapping is a breeze and has bearable
+Immortal Pet is well... immortal
+Great Pet Damage and Death Explosions

+Map speed is mid teir
+Extended Degen other than Chaos Damage can kill you if you do not have enemies or flasks
+Recommended weapon swap for bossing to keep up stacks for HoA
+Exile dmg is low (allows us to run reflect maps Pet does all dmg)

While mapping you will want to use these items:

Also bring 1 Onslaught and 1 Quicksilver flasks that provide immunity to Burning and Bleeding
These flasks are endgame are not mandatory except the Onslaught/Quicksilver Flasks.
Any 5-6L Bow will do. We are using it in conjunction with Soul Strike. This helps get our ES regen starting quicker and works well with Wicked Ward.

If you only have a 5L bow try to use a shaper ring for the Poacher's Mark on Hit

Beware the following mods and zone combos:
Magma Fissure Biome with 2+ Additional Projectiles
% Ele Penetration Mod any Biome (doable but sketchy)
% less effect of Curses any Biome
Replace Onslaught/Quick Silver flasks with:

Notes- Projectile Weakness allows for your lightning orbs to push back enemies. Use it! This is very strong against a large group of enemies charging at you. Your pets attacks also get this benefit.

Delve Crafting
When crafting ES gear in delve its best to do it in two phases
Phase 1 - Quality of Base needs to be increased. Repeat until item is quality 28% or more
Phase 2 - Use single Dense Fossil on quality28+ bases. This has a higher chance of rolling all ES mods on the gear which is what we are shooting for.
Look for items with more than 200 base es. More for Helms/Chest/Shields.
Boots can be tricky if you like to have move speed. I use MS boots while mapping and non MS boots while delving due to cart speed

There is definitely still room for improvement especially if you play in trade league. The 6L bow could be replaced by a elder/shaper weapon with the correct mods to allow for a good link setup. This would allow for a shield with Shield Charge and Fort. Could possibly be even more tanky but would be harder for gearing

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I'm not sure this build really warrants it's own "guide" seeing as how there's a similar build out which has pushed much further and seems to have fewer limitations than your version...

Thanks for the helpful input! The build you linked uses a different spell setup and is slower and less fluid in mapping. I would still prefer my build. To each his own!

Could you provide the delve character name? Please note my delve depth is in SSF not the cheater trade league. Good stuff tho... LUL
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did you try uber elder?

if yes how did it go?
I have not as I was mostly focused on delving this league. I planned on moving to trade to go ahead and try this. Will update when I have tried.

I would expect it to be able to. Might have to sacrafice some ES to wear Kaom's Roots.
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Hi, I was trying to build something different next league, and I liked your build.

Is it decent as a starter? Dont need to be ultra fast, just enough to not feel like I'm getting behind everyone.

Can you give any tips for leveling? (When to switch to ci, what skills to use while leveling (ideally i would like to play as it is from the beggining), pantheon, bandits, etc).

Btw what are your choices for your last points? Going skittering runes, more es, or anything else I'm missing?

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Awesome! This was built in SSF so making this a league starter will be really easy! As for when you should go CI... I would farm the delve for fossils (dense). Then work on an ES set. As soon as you can support a good amount of ES make the switch. I will work on adding a leveling section in the next couple of days!
any news on uber elder? Or should I try myself building this character? ahah

[edit] Well rip profane bloom 900% explosions. Not sure the build will still perform now...
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