[3.5][Sabo/Necro] Fire Trapper, 75/50 block, Shaper, U-Atziri, HotGM.

3.5 Update
Build got even stronger. Our key item recieved huge buff:
Martyr of Innocence's increased Fire Damage is no longer conditional. Now grants (230-250) to (300-350) (up from (130-350) to (200-250)) added Fire Damage to Spells. Existing versions can be updated to these new values with a Divine Orb.

Also, Eldritch Battery got changed which should provide huge QoL and survivability boost.
Energy Shield Recharge is no longer interrupted by non-damage changes to your Life or Energy Shield, such as when you spend your Energy Shield on skills via Eldritch Battery.


Hi everyone! I'm long time player, but this is first time I made my own build. I decided to share it, since it turned out to perform pretty well. Cleared all content except Uber Elder (will try him asap) and 2 delve bosses (killed only one Kurgal, my RNG didn't spawn anything else).

I am proud owner of potato PC, so in order to survive in delves (2-3 FPS with newly added pretty shadows which cannot be turned off) I needed to make my char as tanky as possible while having reasonable damage output. How that's ended?

My build is Necro/Sabo Ascendant, using high damage effectivness of Fire Trap in conjunction with Martyr of Innocence. It benefits from very efficient staff nodes, gaining both damage and survivability via block - further enchancing it with CWDT Bone Offering. Mind over Matter + Eldritch battery is used because of strong synergy with Tinkerskin. Aside from Fire Trap it uses Flamethower and Lightning Spire traps to melt bosses even faster.

Content done deathless so far:
- Hall of the Grandmasters ✓
- Uber Atziri ✓
- Shaper ✓


+ high dps. And by high dps I mean surpassing my LL GC miner.
+ can do all map mods
+ hard to kill (75/50 block + life gained on block + sabo regen + life/es gained on trap trigger + blind) - somewhat old Vaal Pact feel
+ excels in encounters where you're flooded with enemies (breaches, delves), blocking hits heals you and increase dps even more thanks to Martyr of Innocence
+ cheap to start, and from that point every few chaos put into upgrades feels good
+ can be league starter (it's my only build in Delve, I have little time to play)
+ can farm HotGM without swaping to Balefire. Fire Trap DoT toast Gubbens instantly

- mediocre clear speed
- gem swap for the toughest bosses (Inc AoE/Conc Effect)
- 6,7k EHP is sometimes too low to prevent one-shots
- can run out of ES to throw traps in most intense encounters when not played carefully. This can be prevented with Sorrow of the Divine (see Items for discussing this issue).
- Ascendant so after Merciless lab we need to respec some passives (although respec points from quests should be sufficient).



DPS calculation: 133k Shaper DPS per trap with only Frenzy/Power charge and enemy Ignited (so literally all the time) ticked. 8 traps thrown per second = 1,06 mln dps

239k Shaper DPS per trap with flasks up and hit/blocked recently (it's up most the time). 8 traps thrown per second = 1,9 mln dps. And that doesn't take onto account active Flamethower/Lightning Spire traps.



Ascendancy order: Saboteur -> Path of the Shadow -> Necromancer


Gem links

Main skill:

Fire trap - Cluster Traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Inc AoE/Conc Effect

I don't even bother with swapping Conc Effect for bosses below t16. In theory, Controlled Destrucion gives slightly better dps than Fire Pen, but I didn't like feel of missing crits while having 500% crit multi. And fire pen is better for map mods like EE or ele resists.

Single target boost:

Flamethower Trap - Lightning Spire Trap - Combustion - Immolate - Trap and Mine Damage - Concentrated Effect

Those traps have cooldown, so we use both - six active 5L traps are much better than three 6L. Combustion debuff is very important as it enchances damage of spammable Fire Trap. They feel really good with inc. skill effect duration from Necromancer Ascendancy.


Herald of Ash - Anger - Discipline - Enlighten
We need either 4lvl Enlighten or rare helmet with reduced mana reserved (easy, essence mod) to reserve entire mana pool. It's most efficient solution, since we use ES Eldritch Battery anyway.

CWDT (lvl 20) - Immortal Call (lvl 1, lower STR requirement and we don't use Endurance Charges) - Bone Offering (lvl 20) - Increased Duration (lvl 20)
Very important setup for overall tankiness. Give us block/spell block, enable life recovery on block and protects from phys dmg spikes.

3L + 1L
CWDT - Enfeeble - Desecrate (all level 1)
Enfeeble is awesome, as greatly reduces probability of getting huge damage crits - and as long as we don't get one-shot, we're fine. Desecrate ensures we always have corpses for Bone Offering - relevant in boss fights without ads.
Flame Dash - our movement skill. Not linked with Arcane Surge because it requires spending mana to proc and we're spending energy shield. I find cast speed sufficient, but if you want better responsiveness you can drop Enfeeble (though I strongly discourage it) and use Faster Casting instead.




Martyr of Innocence - aim for highest block roll and flat fire dmg to spells


Tinkerskin - insane QoL and recovery for trappers.


Rare Bone Helmet (we benefit from Minion Damage) with reduced mana reserved, life and resists.


Rares with MS, life and resist.


Shaped gloves with "throw additional traps", life and resists.


Stygian Vise with space for Trap/Mine damage crafted mod. Ideally with % inc fire damage.


Rare with life, resists, crit multi/chance. Spell block (shaped mod) if you are rich.


Rares with life and resists. Ideally, Opal/Diamond base with % inc fire damage.


1) Instant life flask with anti-bleed.

2) Sorrow of the Divine/Wise Oak, depending on content we're doing.

Sorrow of the Divine - "oh shit" button when your ES depletes mid-fight. "But it stops my life regen!" - sure, but you probably won't even notice - life recovery from Tinkerskin and Bone Offering block will keep your red bubble comfortably full. Use in intense encounters with lot of ground degens like Delve or Breaches on difficult maps. It's useful in Red Elder fight too if you're on low level with shitty gear, because dropping Consecrated Ground heals Shaper and make keeping him alive very easy.

Wise Oak - huge single target boost, just make sure your fire resist is the highest. Balancing all resistances is possible, since we use lot of rares, but it's rather min-maxing luxury. I personally take this flask out only for delving.

3) Rumi's Concoction - aim for max spell block roll, attack block will be 75% anyway.

4) Diamond with curse removal.

5) Quicksilver with anti-freeze.

Watcher's Eye with Spell Block when affected by Discipline and dps Anger mod (crit multi, fire dmg).

Rest is abyss jewels with flat life and flat fire damage to spells. Check in PoB before buying what mods improve your damage best.


Use Fire Trap in +1 to fire gems weapon, then switch to Nycta's Lantern. Links are Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Multiple traps/Cluster Traps. Switch to Martyr of Innocence once you get 5l Tinkerskin.

For passives, head to Shadow's area immediately like that, then continue normal pathing. After Merciless lab connect tree to Shadow's Start and respec path from Scion.

Kill all. We stack so much crit multi that diminishing returns make 20% from Alira pretty underwhelming. That 2 passive points will boost dps much more.

Major: Brine King for stun immunity
Minor: Abberath because burning ground prevents ES from recharge, which is beyond annoying while mapping.
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Very interesting build ! Any chance you can show some video ? I suppose your potato PC makes it difficult.
Very interesting build ! Any chance you can show some video ? I suppose your potato PC makes it difficult.

Unfortunately, recording causes severe stuttering, or even crashes, making any endgame content that requires manual dodging (e.g. Shaper's Beam, since it cannot be blocked) impossible. I'll tinker with settings more and try to record anything though.

EDIT Ok, managed to record some delving. OBS Studio is too much for my PC, so I was forced to record that short fragment (30s limit) with Fraps. Nothing exciting, but enough to get the idea.
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Are you sure about this statement?
"we benefit from Minion Damage"
MaxFactor wrote:
Are you sure about this statement?
"we benefit from Minion Damage"

Yes, thanks to Spiritual Aid notable. To further clarify, it's only "increases and reductions", therefore Bone Helmet boosts our damage when Minion Damage Support gem doesn't (it's more not increased).
Looks interesting. Bookmarking for next league!

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