[3.4 HC] RF Incinerate CwC Bodyswap Chieftain (better video!)

This is a guide for my RF incinerate bodyswap chieftain. This is probabably one of the most fun builds i have played. Its got a good mix of tankyness, clear speed and damage, and it feels rather unique.

I am currently lvl 87 on Delve HC, stomping up to the t11 maps i have found so far rather safely.
This version is rather budget since i started playing really late this league and this is my league starter.

The premise is rather simple. Incinerate does more damage depending on how long we channel, but you have to stand still. This build changes that, with cast on channeling bodyswap you can teleport without loosing your stacks. This combined with the explosion from bodyswap and the burning from righteous fire kills packs almost instantly, allowing you to continue teleporting forward through the mob packs, almost like a safer flicker strike. And since the range of of incinerate is not too far, almost the same as righteous fire and the explosion from bodyswap, this keeps it relatively controllable
If we run out of corpses? Spell totem desecrate. Usually only needed on bosses without ads.

For defense we convert 38% of physical damage from hits to fire damage with the chieftain node and these uniques.

To sustain righteous fire we use Saffels Frame too reach 79 elemental resists, with 83 total fire resist.

Other than that you need one more regen item with this build to sustain blood rage and righteous fire. I am currently using this one, but this part is rather flexible. A good marble amulet, or something else with some %life regen would work too.

On top of that im using a blasphemy enfeeble for that last bit of defense. This can be switched for vitality too free up some gear, or flamability to increase damage.

The rest of the gear is life and resists rares, if you can squeese in some more damage, all good.

Current rares

Skill gems

Incinerate > Cast While Channeling > Bodyswap > Combustion > Immolate > Fire penetration / inc aoe / conc effect

Righteous fire > Burning damage > Increased Area Of Effect > Elemental Focus

Cast when damage taken > Immortal call > increased duration > Molten Shell

Shield Charge > Faster Attacks > Fortify

Blasphemy > enfeeble

Spell totem > desecrate


Purity Of Fire

Stone Golem

Skill tree

Current skill tree lvl 87:

Goal lvl 100 (dream on):

Lvl 38 when we start playing the build:

Leveling (From lvl 38)
You can level with this setup from the moment you get cast when channeling at 38. Before then you do whatever you want mate, anything that deals fire damage. I used molten strike.

At this point your skill tree should look something like this:

The skills gems you need are stone golem, purity of fire and vitality

On top of that you need a few uniques to get righteous fire going at this low lvl.

I used a 4 link Cloak Of Flame from the moment i could wear it at lvl 18 and didnt upgrade it to a five link until way above lvl 70. The damage was never lacking anyway.

What stats to aim for

Bodyswap sadly does not get increases from spell damage, but anything with elemental damage, fire damage, area damage affects it.
Burning damage also works since we have a very high chance to ignite and bodyswap does large hits for large ignites, but generally i think the other stats probably give more damage.

Some kind of mana sustain or regen is also nice if you can fit it in on the gear somewhere. I have some very slight mana problems in longer fights, but not enough to warrant a mana pot.

Other than that cap out resists, preferably overcapped to the point you can run elemental weakness maps.

Overcapping fire resist also increases our armor if we are using The Formless Inferno.
Energy shield increases the damage we take, and slightly increases the damage righteous fire deals. Not worth the hassle, try to get as little as possible. Evasion has no effect on us with the unwavering stance.
So we aim for getting as much armor as possible, to further decrease the phys hits after the damage conversion.
This can be slightly problematic when coloring your righteous fire setup.

For endgame goals i would try to get a really good marble amulet or gloves with the life regen mod, so we can replace the belt with a nice stygian or something. Other than that better rares, some nice corruptions and a 6 link cloak of flame would be good. A kaoms way ring would probably also be a great upgrade. The formless inferno can be upgraded for one of the great new helmets making RF a five, six or seven link, but making our fire conversion 30% instead of 38% and removing the armor increase.

Extra slim budget

All you really need is a 4 link Cloak of Flame and a saffels frame. Both can be bought rather cheaply.

Kikazaru can be slightly expensive, if you cant afford them you can wait until you can get a Immortal flesh at 51 and you should be alright. Rest of the leveling uniques are cheap.

The Formless Inferno, off coloring it and 5 linking the Cloak Of Flame are probably the most expensive parts of the build as is right now.

Other Variants

You could do many different variants on the build. For example was leveling a low life trickster version with elemental equilibrium and lightning tendrils. Plays pretty much the same. Sadly i died.

In SC you could down prioritize a bit of life and pick up a bit more damage and aoe from the witch area.
You could aslo sacrifice the lower part by the slayer and get the scion life wheel instead, freeing up some points, but decreasing your regen endurance and frenzy charges. You could also sacrifice some damage to reach all the way down to iron reflexes allowing you to pick up armor evasion gear for a higher armor total.


Lots could still be improved on the char, but for now i am rather satisfied.
It is not so easy finding gear even on poe trade that would be upgrades this late in the league on Delve HC. I didnt get all the parts for uber lab yet, so i havent even bothered with merc lab since neither of the choices mather that much. But i would aim for Hinekora when i get there.

Thats it for now, I will try to come back and update as i progress.
Post any questions, thoughts and critisism in the comments and i will be happy to answer!
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Looks interesting, seems like a fun HC build. Do you notice a significant DPS increase with bodyswapping + spell totem desecrate on bosses? I wonder if you even need the spell totem since moving around would release the strong final wave of incinerate, which makes up for the DPS loss when moving.
Yes. Bodyswap is probably most of our damage to bosses and packs. We dont get exact numbers but it deals 4% of the corpses health and 3% of your health as fire damage 3 times per second with cast while channeling. It is increased by elemental, fire and area damage, but sadly not the spell damage from righteous fire.

Hence if you manage to bait something tanky onto the corpse of something else that was tanky is a good way to get huge amounts of damage out. Bosses with tanky ads are amazing for us. Maps with increased monster health dont affect us at all.

Optimal boss dps would probably be to put the desecrate totem and channel for 10 stacks, stopping and start again. I dont have any significant increases in cast speed, so we usually bodyswap something like 5 times before we even reach 10 stacks.

Also bodyswap tries to target around the cursor first, but if there is no bodies nearby you might get dragged away to some other corpses where you dont intend to be, so the best way to make sure we stick to the boss is to use the totem that casts the desecrate at the bosses feet, so even if the boss moves we continue targeting it. Self casting desecrate would also work but its a lot more of a hassle.

I sometimes even use the totem for stronger rares or packs that dont leave corpses, like the water elemental things. Otherwise I would face the same situation and get dragged away from the fight when the corpses run out.
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This looks pretty intersting, will surely try next league.
Currently i was trying chunky's chargrill build which is bit similar to yours.
So i kinda bit merged yours i liked concept of bodyswap, it improved my clear speed.

Finally i was able to maintain RF, with these things, Rise of Phoenix shield, unset ring with +3 (in this PoF) so overall i have 76 + 5 (RoP) +5 (PoF) = 86 res and Shapers seed. if just had some more mana would have squeezed in HoA.

Need more HP though..:) but it is enjoyable. I will try urs next league since it seems it has more defense.
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Great to hear that you enjoyed it! :D
I would love to hear more of how you progress with it and if you have any further thoughts!

My first iteration of the build i started of using rise of the phoenix, but i felt saffels might be better in the long run.

But after i switched to saffels it felt really bad against phys hits since i also had unwavering stance, making every single attack hit me. After i died with that char in the delve darkness i came up with this version to mitigate the phys hits. Feels so much better and tankier. Normal phys hits barely make a scratch. Some monsters like the spike tail lizards dont even deal any damage to us since we have so much phys mitigation from the belt, armor and damage conversion.

I do have some mana problems sometimes though, and im not certain if the flat increase of mana regen from the belt or the shapers seed is better. It feels like the belt should give more, i might test it out later.
yes you are right i agree with you on Saffels, i kind of already leveled with other tree and it is almost end of league :) so didnt chg much.
But Bodyswap idea is good feels like poets on budget with defense :)

you wanna add some more leveling tips like tress (20.40,60, 75) what gears can be picked up what end game gear could look like?

one more thing is we can abuse abyssal jewels as well for Add Fire dmg to spell.

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Done and done :) Cleaned up the text a bit. I will try to record some better videos too when i get the time.

I havent tried the abyssal jewels since as far as i know they dont add any damage to righteous fire or bodyswap, only to the incinerate. The description for the bodyswap gem says it is not affected by modifiers to spell damage, but it is effected by fire damage, area damage, elemental damage and so on, same as righteous fire, so scaling both isnt so bad if you just avoid spell damage.

I did see on your profile that you tried it out with volitile dead too. I tried it out for a bit and it felt pretty cool. a bit slower and less teleporting but it felt like it added a bit more damage and maybe some safety. Gonna see if i can try it out some more, but i will have to switch some gear for it. Mind if i add it to the other variants section of the guide? crediting you of course :)
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great to see updated guide.
thanks, sure why not bro :)
Next league this is going to be my start char. And i guess most will go for CoC build looking how it is getting hyped, so this should be cheap:)
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Just replace the bodyswap with volatile dead. Your DPS will double.

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