[3.4] Arc/Shock nova trigger on static strike, Mjolner pathfinder, satisfying factor 99%

pros and cons

Fast moving, fast clearing
High damage output against packs
Flasks almost always on
Easy to gear, moderate investment, can start simple, no 6link needed.
Great for several popular league mods, breach, abyss, beyond, and in the future incursion and delve will add to the list.

Quite bad at boss fights, so not a great league starter to expand atlas, unless you are one of those "grind burial chamber until rich" kind of league starting.
Not tanky, glass cannon type of character.
Don't performing as well in red maps, even if you have 21/20 spells, it's more of a T10 grinding build.
Left hand pianist.

I guess someone has mad skills like Mathil might take this character to some heights, make up the squishiness with spacing and dodging.


Mjolner has a 250ms trigger cooldown, static strike's spikes hits every 400ms, it's really that simple, I think GGG rework this skill with Mjolner and cospri's malice in mind.

But noted this 400ms is not a cooldown,and it's longer than mjolner's 250ms cooldown, so the "inc CD recovery speed" mod doesn't work for the build, even if you have a 0.01ms cooldown, the spells can still only be triggered every 400ms.

alternative class option

I think every single ascendancy class can run the static strike mjolner concept, met the stats and they shall all work decently well.

I did tested on an elementalist and an inquisitor, of these three classes,pathfinder has the least damage by eye testing, but it is also the smoothest and saftest. Inquisitor has great spike damage but inconsisnat, and too squishy to my liking, noted this is already a squishy build. Elementalist does high damage reliablly, shock effect is amazing and extra 0.5% life leech does help a lot, but it is still an int character, and not able to get acro and phase acro is one of the two reason pathfinder feels better, the other reason is 8s flasks is a lot more QOL than 5s flasks.

Of the classed I didn't test, I can see raider, trickster, ascendant, guardian and necromancer be competitive with elementalist, might even with pathfinder.


must haves

There are only two items you must have for this build.

It's a mjolner build.You can start the build with one mjolner,but two is adviced, one for arc and one for shock nova. If you can get some good corruption on them that will be superb.

Transform dex into str, that's how we meet the 412 str requirement,300 int isn't that hard and you need two of these.

highly recomanned items

Inpulsa is just so good when you can shock enemies often, and as pathfinder using arc and shock nova,even non-crit we naturally have 40% chance shock, 20% passive 20% gem quality, and vinkar flask can be used when you need to guarantee the shock.

The tactitian gives str and int, gives crit chance to trigger ele overload, gives flask charge gain, for a pathfinder it basically means infinite flasks. It's perfect

Some might ask "is Headhunter good here?"

Yes, headhunter is always good, but after testing I would say for pathfinder it doesn't actually feel better than tactitian, especially when you get a haste aura, you end up running too fast and it became a negative to damage out put, the spells can only be triggered every 0.4s, there is a balance between movement speed and actual dps. But if you are choosing other ascendancy class - like elementalist or inquisitor - for a similar setup, headhunter is great.

Having a leech enchant is a big QOL option, you don't need to time your vinkar uptime anymore.Oh, and high movement speed.

Put it in the socket between shadow and witch, you will get 9% life, 20% mana, 10 extra int, but mainly what we want is 2%+2% chance to get a charge after kill. But you don't Have to use this insanely expensive jewel, a intuitive leap at this socket and two passive points move from somewhere will give you 6% life and 8% to get charges, not much of a difference.

Early on you might need this to fill the stat requirements.

the rest

Life, resist, stats if needed, damage, shock chance and shock duration on jewel if possible,pretty straight forward.

skills and gem setups

Arc + controlled destruction + lightning penetration on your MAIN HAND

Shock nova + controlled destruction + lightning penetration on your offhand.

Maybe innervate over lightning pen on one spell.

Vaal earthquake + inc duration + inc aoe

The reason of arc left shock nova right, is because vaal earthquake is a main hand skill, when it's up and running only the main hand spell can be triggered, and arc is better than shock nova when that happens.
Another thing about vaal earthquake, is its "hit or miss" property, the first slam you do, if it hits an enemy then the following waves will all hit, and if it misses, the following waves will all miss, so target well.

Static strike + ancestral call + inc aoe + additional accuracy
Essential 4 link, can't be changed,accuracy, trigger radius and multiple stacks for one hit those three support gems give. If you have extra links, inc duration, culling strike, chain, life gain on hit, decay or curse on hit with ele weakness are all solid options.

Wrath + herald of thunder
I chose to get both from jewelries, by doing that I got 2 extra level for both, but I do lose the curse on hit potential with HOT.

Rest of the sklls and links can be whatever you like


Caustic arrow or toxic rain, pathfinder has some great passives for that, respect later.



Veteran Bowyer
Nature's Boon → Master Alchemist

Nature's adrenaline
Ofc go chaos when leveling.

Bandit = Alira, for the resists.




A simple example, T9 gorge and T10 sewer run, that is what I think this build is about, running T10 maps to level 100.
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Looks very interesting. I will give it a try midway through the next league. What was that thing that made you go faster and faster the more you ran straight in the video?
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